Saturday, December 3, 2016

Agent shoots himself in the emergency room, serious –

A man of 44 years old was shot to the emergency department of Sant’orsola hospital of Bologna, and his conditions are very grave. It is an agent of the Police, prison,, unmarried, a native of Campania, and in service to the reception Center for minors in Bologna. “It had gone into the hospital complaining of physical problems”, said Francesco Campobasso, the regional secretary of the trade union Sappe. “”Code white, has asked to wait in one room of the emergency room. After a few minutes we hear a shot and the medical staff has found the man lying on a stretcher. You do not know the reasons. He has more than twenty years of service and recently had attended the written test of the internal competition for deputy Inspector. Really do not understand the reasons for this tragic act.”

Donato Capable, the secretary-general of the Sappe, explains that “from the beginning of the year were five police officers to prison that have committed suicide, over a hundred cases of suicide in the Body of the police and of the prison Administration since 2000. It is common place to think that job stress is the prerogative only of the fragile and defenceless”.

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