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Berlusconi: “If he loses, He must resign. He has said it too many times. Verdini? Advised me evil” – Corriere della Sera

Renzi resign, as he has promised repeatedly, but the elections are not around the corner: “First there will be a transition government, which was endorsed by the Pd, that will make the electoral law. Then a year from now, a year and a half, you will vote”. Here he is, the future imagined by Silvio Berlusconi in the aftermath of a hypothetical victory of the No to the constitutional referendum. Shiny and fierce, the leader of Forza Italia interviewed for #Corrierelive by Tommaso Labate and the deputy director of the Corriere della Sera Antonio Polito, reveals only a hint of bitterness, thinking back to the pact of the Nazarene: “If the agreement that we had with Renzi had gone ahead, it would not be coming out this reform, and this electoral law. We had a reform is also shared by the minority in Parliament and there would have been no need for a referendum”. But in the face of this change of the Constitution, “ours has always been a No concerned, the same is Not for which, we have said enough to that pseudo-collaboration with Renzi,” says Berlusconi. Now look at the breaking of that covenant, as to something inevitable: “we really Had the hope of getting to a reform to be shared, and instead of 17 times have you changed the cards on the table. Until the last time – when we heard on the radio Mattarella as possible to the president of the Republic – we hoped. Then we realized that He just wanted to make a constitutional reform and an electoral law sewn to measure for himself and for his party”. Verdini?” I think that I have ill-advised”.

drift authoritarian

The economic risks of the referendum Renzi has said “if it wins the Yes, Italy is more strong, if he wins the No, there is the risk of a leap into the void”.”A hoax”, replica Berlusconi, “a thing is not true because the situation is the opposite.” This is the reconstruction of the former Knight: “If it wins the Yes the Pd still has the majority in the Senate: why was he taken away the right of voters to elect the senators, and the Pd has firmly in the hands of 17 regions out of 20, then it is automatic that the Pd is found to have at least 60 senators. If even the centre-right to win, and he had the majority in the lower house, would the Senate has many powers, which may act on any law that would take away the ability to govern. It may happen that the Pd won the elections, and then we would have a single man to command, Renzi, who would be the master of his party, the master of the government, the master of the Se nate, of the Chamber of deputies, the master of the point to the head of the State and other guarantee institutions as the members of the Court constitutional. This can be defined as a regime,” according to the leader of the azzurri.

risk fraud

“We have a negative tradition in the past about voting. In 2006 we were removed from many, many votes, and the victory that was ours at midnight was taken away to the 3 we have lost 24 thousand votes. We turned to the Parliament and to the magistrates to have the recount of the ballots: we have laughed in my face saying he did not have enough staff. This also occurred in 2013, and may occur even with the vote of italians abroad, but until we have a situation that is technologically advanced, these frauds will be possible,” denounced Berlusconi”.

In the case of the crisis of governance

According to Berlusconi, “the government will be in the Pd, which continues to have the majority in Parliament, and it will be up to the Pd to decide whether to entrust it to a Renzi or someone else”. Government technician? To Berlusconi, “not likely”. But the near future is not of Renzi, if he wins the No: according to the leader of the azzurri, Renzi “should remove from the policy. He repeated several times not to be attached to the chair, not wanting to compete in the swamp: how could you think of a prime minister that after all these statements can remain in its place? For me the word is sacred.”

The picture changed with the tripolarismo

If it wins the Yes, he won Renzi. If he wins the No, he won Cricket? “I do not want to absolutely be attributed to our side of the political victory, or part of the victory, but I am interested in the Country, and that is that the Country will not fall into a condition is not democracy,” said Berlusconi. Stability is for Berlusconi, the electoral law, which changed the framework from bipolarity to tripolarismo, must be to force in a proportional way: “With the tripolarismo each pole is at 30%, to win it would be enough to overcome it by 1-2%. But since half of the italians do not go to vote, it means 15% of italians. And it seems to me absurd that 15% of italians can govern against 80%”.


“For me, the Yes of the Mighty, will not have much following. Renzi declares that the referendum is against the caste, then it is not clear why the Mighty, which is part of the caste, to vote against a referendum that goes against the caste”.

“I heard them, but here, it’s not a common government, but to give a vote to a referendum that it considers dangerous. The liberal Malagodi and the communists of Berlinguer, who voted against the repeal of the divorce.”

The heirs of politicians? “I don’t hunt”

“I am Not changing my heirs, they are the ones that change direction,” laughs silvio Berlusconi and the way of the tear with Stefano Parisi. “Even if I had to overcome the hostility of some of our protagonists, I asked Parisi if you are interested to enter in Forza Italia, and become in a short time also the national co-ordinator. I asked him also if he wanted to do another movement that was added to the centre-right, and I said no. He told me that instead what he wanted to do was to go to retrieve the protagonists of new politics, from the trenches of the business, of professions, of volunteering, of the university.”

The future government of Berlusconi: 12 vip and 8 political

The idea of Parisi was born from a specific project, says Berlusconi. “I developed, together with Salvini, and to the Melons, a very interesting program through focus with voters disappointed by the political. Is coming out the hypothesis of a government with 20 ministers, 12 of which are new, people, success is making Trump, taken out of the policy: and only 8 taken from the policy (3 Forza Italia, 3 in the League and 2 in the Brothers of Italy). We said that we would be gone at the next election with a hand in the program and in the other the names of the ministers. And then giving the voters a certainty about who will make and what will you do”.

The leader

And who will be the prime minister candidate? “I think that the centre-right will have to look for a leader – admits Berlusconi – I appreciate Salvini, even if these outputs rough, because it represents an important part of the Country, with all his fears and his anger, however, do not consider it possible as the leader of the centre-right because many moderate Force Italy will not would vote’, and I say this on the basis of the surveys. We must turn to the moderates who do not go to vote, and even those that give one vote to Five-Star, reaction to the system. So we will have to look for new adhesions.

The judgment of the Eu Court of justice

If you get a favorable ruling, Berlusconi could apply for the position of premier? “My family, my manager, hoping that this does not happen, they are very protective: then we will take a decision. I explained to them why I am back in the field these days, my sense of responsibility towards the Country and towards the italians, and also for all the people that followed me in Forza Italia. The result of the decision of Strasbourg and I have no doubt, although I fear that there are political movements that can delay it”.

Milan? To the chinese

“I Think that everything is as expected: that it ends with this important group of chinese entrepreneurs, who keep us very much, and are the fans the real Milan, which in China has 243 million sympathizers. I believe that they are able to do all those investments necessary to bring back Milan into the Olympus of world football, something that I would not be able to do”.

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