Saturday, December 3, 2016

Bologna, three hundred thousand to the vote: the small guide to the referendum – The Republic

Polls open Sunday at 7 to 23, and prohibitions on access to the limited traffic zone of the historic centre suspended, in order to facilitate the voters. After an election campaign that began in the summer with the controversy between the Pna and the Pd, the bolognese prepare for the marathon referendum. Palazzo d’accursio is completing these hours, the preparation of 445 sections, to nearly 300 thousand voters, which will cost the municipal funds of over 1.1 million euro. Once closed, the ballot box, it will go on until the night with the scrutiny of the ballots, which will determine whether the reform has been a breakthrough, or less, in the emilian capital.

seats. You vote only Sunday, with seats that will be open throughout the day from 7 to 23. To participate in the constitutional referendum must be in its own section election with a valid identity document and the election card. For those who need it, it will remain open non-stop the electoral office in via Don Minzoni 8 (Saturday 18, Sunday, until the close of the polls). Even if the voter should not be any space for other stamps, those who go to the polling station will be able to regularly vote. To avoid hitches, however, the municipal offices, recommend the same to the residents to verify whether the voter still has the blank spaces for the affixing of the stamp”.

The road. To promote the movement into different electoral seats will be suspended in the city, both the prohibitions on anti-smog, which limit the movement of the car more polluting, than those of access in the limited traffic Area (Ztl) of the historic centre. For this, the cameras of the electronic system Sirio, and then, Sunday will remain off. Instead, remain valid if the restrictions related to the pedestrian area of the T-Days, and of the university Area. To serve the seats at the istituto Rosa Luxemburg, Tto has established, as he does for every consultation, the shuttle 941 (rides every 30 minutes from 7 to 22).

cost. This round, a referendum will cost the Town just over 1.1 million. The money will be refunded in the next few weeks by the ministry of the Interior, as the consultation is national. Palazzo d’accursio has therefore advanced the money to set up the whole machinery of the election: from the funds already allocated for overtime of city employees (375mila euro) to those required to transport cards to and setting up seats (134mila euro), going for the cleaning services before and after the vote in school buildings (60.573 euros) and the fees of the chairmen of the polling station and the scrutineers (252mila euro).



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