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Dead in the lane, seized 50 folders. The blackmail of a woman doctor Photo|The crimes Sonya and the ‘angels of death’ – Corriere della Sera

“The liquid plumber has not made a +. I’ve thrown on purpose”. The nurse Laura Taroni poured the liquid bubbling on the tomatoes of her aunt Irma, aged and deaf. There was also her in the list of morituri, with his cousin David, the grandfather Angelo and his mother Maria Cristina Clerici, which today is among the suspicious death of the lovers. And with them, there were three other patients of the hospital of Saronno to whom the anesthesiologist would have practiced the “protocol Cazzaniga,” a cocktail of drugs to induce death. With new deaths that are suspicious, check the shadow of an announcement created in the art to employ a doctor, who threatened to report everything to the police. Tell that in the emergency the more severely ill patients were killed by the Angel of death, by Leonardo Cazzaniga, the doctor that you believed in god. The records seized by the police were eighty. The acts, among other things, emerged the idea, on the part of the two arrests, to kill an acquired cousin of the woman.

The doctor investigated

it All takes place at the end of August of a year ago. One of the suspects, dr. Simona Sangion, wreaks havoc on the phone with the primary Nicholas Scoppetta for which the gip has denied the house arrest (the pm made an appeal to the Review). “If I on the 24th of September, however, I don’t have a job, I will burst a casino! And I have the papers in hand to get it to burst really because I’m really tired of being taken for the c…”. To unleash the rage is the discovery that his name was erased from the floor shifts at the hospital because his contract is expiring.

A contest ad-hoc

The story is told in the request for interim measures is signed by the judges Maria Cristina Ria, and Gian Luigi Fontana. Dr. Sangion is investigated for false ideology of a public document because suspected of having helped Laura Taroni to falsify the analysis of the blood of the husband. When receiving the notice of guarantee, the primary Nicholas Scoppetta suggests the defensive line to hold during the interrogation: “what Happens is that you make a courtesy to a colleague, and then face the examinations to the husband even if it is not present.” But the woman is furious and reveals that if the vertices of hospital do not help to warn “patients’ relatives dead a doctor from the department killed them”. The interrogation is set for 11 June 2015. Two days before the company moves and reassures her. The director of the presidium Paolo Valentini manifests the intention of taking it on, despite the warning of warranty. The prim ary Scoppetta calls after the interview: “We are preparing the announcement of the competition, to renew to you the assignment.” Yet time passes, and on the 21st of August, the doctor returned to the charge. In October, they organized a competition ad hoc, and she is taken. The story is not the subject of dispute in criminal, but reveals, rather, is a malpractice that, according to the allegations, also serves not to leak the information and to defend the name of the hospital.

Money deducted from the account on the day of the funeral of her husband

In the cards there is a portrait of a couple who are delusional and ruthless. Two hours before the funeral of her husband, the nurse transfers on his credit card 2 thousand euros from the account of the father-in-law died. Is the 2 July 2013 and 16.54, a few minutes after the coffin of Maximum War bait from the parish church, she buy on the site Apple a mobile phone, the iPhone 4s. This is the last of a series of “gifts” you have given: there is also an another smartphone (675 euros) and the iPad (579). “Can be considered a fact that the day of the funeral of the husband — write pm — Laura Taroni was to subtract the sums from against the current of the father-in-law and make the online purchase of an expensive good consumption”.

relationship with husband

the woman do not feel pain for the death of her husband, she is to tell it to the son of 11 years. She always rely to the domestic most of the War deserved “what he got: “My husband was a pimp, bastar… Two times I took a knife, gave it to her I pointed to her throat. I thanked god when he died”. Tells, the nurse arrested on Monday, together with the anaesthetist, that the husband forced her to sexual practices that are painful and humiliating. Intercepted, it has even been said that he had a secret relationship with his mother: “Look, I have the photos you will see”, she confides to a friend.


The idea of get rid of the two sons of the tap in many conversations with her lover: “I said that I could kill them for you. You’re the most important man in the world”.


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