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Mattarella: Renzi remains until the budget law – Corriere della Sera

The premier Matteo Renzi resign, as announced, due to the effect of the avalanche of No to the corrective referendum that has engulfed the constitutional reform of the government. But not immediately: it will in a few days, after having led in the harbour the budget law already service packs to the Senate. The decision was taken this evening at the Quirinale at the end of a frantic day that had begun with the always on the Hill, in the morning, with a first comparison between the president of the Council and the head of the State on the possible options to manage the crisis. It was the same Mattarella to ask Renzi to postpone their intention to give up the helm of Palazzo Chigi, given the need to avoid the provisional budget. At the end of the meeting in the morning, the president of the Republic had issued a note urging all political forces to assume their institutional responsibilit ies, and to put aside the grudges and to create a climate of “mutual respect”.

The yes of the M5S

the first go-ahead for the hypothesis of resignation “frozen” came from the 5 Star Movement, which is also throughout the day he continued to ask for a quick return to the polls. According to the associated press, the motion would not be opposed to this hypothesis as “would, in an attitude of institutional and responsible” and because “the Budget law generates consequences even outside Italy”. The important thing is still explained, is that it does not go more than a week. For the Motion would not be necessary to approve a new electoral law – and then would give life to any government technical or purpose after the resignation of the U – and you could return to vote as soon as possible by applying the Italicum, the electoral law for the election of the Chamber, also in the Senate, albeit on a regional basis.

Berlusconi: “the New government? It’s up to the Pd”

The freezing of his resignation, had been definitely rejected by Forza Italia, through the group leaders Paul Romani and Renato Brunetta, had spoken of a “decision unworkable”, leaving, however, understood to be available to “secure” some parts of the budget, but only if it is purified of the “small and large loans is merely a flavor election that today comprise the text”. To Force Italy out of the crisis called into question in the first place, the party of the premier, who continues to have the majority in Parliament: “It is up to the Democratic Party,” explains Silvio Berlusconi in a note – give life to a new government with the task of securing the public accounts, with the approval of the budget law, and especially to allow the Parliament to approve a new electoral law based on criteria that guarantee the effective correspondence between the parliamentary maj ority and the majority will expressed by the voters”. No urgency, in short, to return immediately to the polls. The hypothesis of a technical government or “purpose” revolve at the moment around two possible names: the minister of the Economy, the Pier Carlo Padoan ” ; and that of the president of the Senate, Pietro Grasso. Is not excluded the option of a government that is more political and entrusted to one of the current ministers expressed from the Pd that would ensure a degree of continuity and to remain in the bosom of the Nazarene responsibility . In this case, the names that you do they are those Graziano Delrio or Paolo Gentiloni.

Salvini: “the centre-Right uk”

For a different opinion the allies of Berlusconi in the (yet-to-point) centre-right coalition: Lega and Fratelli d’italia are on the same line of the grillini and ask for an immediate return to the polls, without intermediate steps and without further delays to the search for a new electoral law. Matteo Salvini he explained that for the Carroccio, you can go to the polls with any law to receive the go-ahead to See you. “I heard Berlusconi said in the evening, the leading league in a radio speech, -. No mess-ups, and immediately to the vote. We are working on a centre-right uk”. But Berlusconi, in his note, he gives the impression of not having all of this in a hurry. And also from the parts of the government seems to prevail with the resignation: “If I had to bet a chip, a euro I would say that we are going to vote not in the spring but in the winter, in February 2017,” said the leader of the Ap, Angelino A lfano, the main ally of Renzi in the executive. I’m convinced that to make a the government after this government is very difficult, I am convinced that this current legislature is drawing to a close”

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