Monday, December 5, 2016

Naples, the massacre in the family: dead husband, wife and three-year old son – The Messenger

Has killed the wife, fracassandole the head, the son, just three years, choking him in the bed, and then took his own life, hanging himself: a true family tragedy in Frattaminore in the province of Naples. According to the reconstruction made by the investigators of the Police, Gennaro Iovinella, unemployed of 50 years, before taking his own life with a rope neck tied to the railing of a staircase inside of the building where he lived, killed his wife, Catherine Perotta, the 40-year contract, beating his head on the wall. Agents also have seized a statuette, perhaps used to hit the woman.

The motive of the massacre of the family would be attributable to the serious problems of torque and the economy that the two were going through. The double murder followed by the suicide of the man, occurred in the small apartment where the couple – originally from the nearby Frattamaggiore – lived for some time. The body of the woman, was found in the kitchen of the house, which is located at number 51 of via Liguori. The boy, Luigi, was in the bed, still in his pajamas. According to a first medical examination, his father would close the the hands the neck in a way that is so strong that fratturargli some of the cervical vertebrae. To give the alarm was a neighbor, who this morning saw the lifeless body of Gennaro dangle in the scale.

The forces of law and order, arrived on site, they are then entered into the house of the suicide. So they found the other two corpses. The little Luigi was born after several years of marriage. The couple, who wanted a child, he could not have them, and Gennaro and Caterina were also subjected to treatment, then stopped. In the end, however, in a natural way, he was the son arrived. According to what you learned the separation, initially consensual, it was complicated recently. About a month ago Catherine had also gone to the police: they, the military had finished, he had talked about this conflictual relationship with her husband. The whole, however, had not been formalized in a complaint. And neither had emerged the episodes of violence. Gennaro was unemployed, he did a few odd jobs from time to time. Maybe he was going to find a job in a cleaning company. To carry on the family was Catherine, who worked as a saleswoman in a shop of via During, in Frattamaggiore.

those Who knew the couple describe them as a people deeply religious as was shown by the many sacred images in their homes. “It was resigned to the separation,” say the brethren, Januarius, Augustine and Sophia, the latter in tears – she wanted the relationship to go forward, at least until Luigi had not become bigger. There are no words to describe what has happened.” The door of the house, this morning, there was also don Maurizio Patriciello, a priest antiroghi of Caivano (Naples), a town which is just a few kilometers from Frattaminore where the priest was born. He wanted to go in via Liguori to give comfort to the families of the victims. “Some signal, when things happen like that, you always”, said fr Maurizio. “You wanted to separate, and the first hearing of this case was scheduled for next April”.


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