Tuesday, December 6, 2016

On Wednesday, the confidence of the maneuver. Pd: “the Government of responsibility or vote” – Sky Tg24

A government of national responsibility with the participation of the political forces in order to meet the deadlines of the country, or the elections immediately. This would be the line that the president of the Council Renzi is determined to carry on the direction of the Pd scheduled for Wednesday 15. The Pd, according to the same sources, would not be willing to support a government from only being “brown” by the opposition who ask to vote early and accuse the dems of wanting to remain in the government.

Wednesday, confidence on the maneuver – Before his resignation and the future of the legislature, however, is the node of the approval of the budget law as required of the president Mattarella to Renzi. And so the executive has decided to use a process accelerated for the go-ahead to maneuver. The government will ask the trust on the Budget law and points to get to the vote in plenary by Wednesday evening. The explanations of vote will begin at 12 and the first call is scheduled for 13: 30.

Resignation and consultations - After that, Parliament will have approved the maneuver, Renzi will be able to go to the Head of the State and to formalise the resignation (SPECIAL VIDEO – MAP VOTING). The resignation, which, however, according to the latest rumors, Renzi could present Friday and not on Wednesday evening. To follow will begin the consultations of the president Mattarella.

For Mattarella, a priority, electoral reform – the Priority for the head of State, it would be electoral reform in order to make homogeneous the systems from the house and Senate. In addition, according to the Huffington Post, and the determinant becomes, from the point of view of the Head of State, the judgment of the See: “Obvious reasons of fairness and institutional require before going to new elections to wait for the conclusions of that opinion, the outcome of which is not obviously predictable.”

Italicum, the hearing, see the January 24 – In this regard, the constitutional Court is know to have set for the 24 January 2017, the hearing during which you will discuss the exceptions of constitutionality raised on the Italicum.


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