Sunday, December 4, 2016

Referendum, at 19 turnout in Rome 56,68. Seats in the open-23 – The Republic

At 7 this morning in the Lazio region, were opened 5.277 sections where the more than 4milioni of the voters resident in the region will be able to express their views on the referendum for constitutional reform. The polling stations will be open until the 23rd of this evening. In Rome opened the 2,600 sections. From the data of the interior ministry is that the capital is the Municipality with more holders of voting rights, more than two million people: 974mila men and 1.1 million women. Impossible to predict if there will be files in the seats located in the XV Municipalities, also because you will need to deal with the undecided. The poll will begin at the close of the poll (23) and will continue throughout the night.

Turnout: The turnout in the vote in Lazio, the 19 reaches the 56,86%. Al Viminale is now given by all the Municipalities of the Region. In detail here is the turnout in the single provinces: Frosinone 56,18 percent; Latin 56,92%; Rieti 56,70 percent; Rome 55,86 percent; Viterbo 60,24%.
At 12, the turnout was 19,49%. 12 instead, the number of people registered in the Capital was 18.9%. On the 19th of last June, however, the turnout in Rome at 12 hours was that is the 13,49%. The first round was equal to 14,12%. To the municipal of 2013, where there was a vote in two days (26 and 27 may), the figure was equal to 9,23%. In the european elections of 25 may 2014, at 12 noon, the turnout in Rome was 12,99%.

high participation in the Lazio region, where the turnout recorded was the 19,48%. Among the provinces, it is Latin that, after 12 noon, record the attendance more high with the 20,12%, followed Viterbo with the 20,04, Rome with the 19,70%, Rieti 19,32%. In the queue Frosinone with the 16,70%. In the comparison between the large cities, Rome is overcome by Bologna with 26.7%, and Milan, where he is registered 22.8% and over in turn Turin, italy (18,4%) and Naples, with 15%.
The big vote. The mayor Virginia Rays, has voted at a little after 10 in the seat of via delle Maestre Pie Filippini, in the quarter of Ottavia. After you have voted, posted on Facebook his photo while depositing the card in the ballot box, accompanied by the phrase “I say no, and you?”. The post has sparked a few comments with different users that outline to the mayor the need “to respect the campaign silence”. The vote in the Capital also the president emeritus of the Italian Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, who has gone in the morning in the seat of the istituto tecnico Cristoforo Colombo, in the rione Monti, the president of the Senate, Pietro Grasso, with a photo posted on Twitter he announced he had voted at the polling station of via del Tintoretto in the Eur in Rome. “The sovereignty belongs to the people. Those who cast the votes decide, who do not vote let other people decide! #referendumcostituzionale” and the president of the Chamber Laura Boldrini, who in the morning went to the polling station in the liceo Virgilio, via Giulia. Even Silvio Berlusconi, accompanied by Francesca Pascale, has voted for the constitutional referendum this morning, in Rome, in the seat housed in the premises of the liceo Visconti, in the piazza of the Roman College. The leader of Fdi Giorgia Meloni tweeted his photo at the polling station.

The case of the pencils “erasable”. Meanwhile, in the Capital, and bursts the case of the pencils “erasable” and on the social, there is crying already to the plot. From the Casilino in Ostia, from the Pisan to Don Bosco, immediately after the opening of the polls and the voters, the romans have started to complain to the police and the police of possible fraud to the constitutional referendum: “Just one blow of the rubber, those pencils are not indelible”.

The first reports arrive, have arrived from the polling stations in via Giuseppe Salvioli, the area of Don Bosco, and largo Ravizza, a short walk from the San Camillo hospital. Still: complaints by Montesacro and Acilia. In the latter case, before calling the police, was a policeman to ask to try the pencils in front of the president of the polling station. A has been delivered to the agent of the municipal police with a lot of rubber at the end. At Torre Spaccata, section 1078, an electric has also requested to put on record the alleged scam: “I was able to delete my vote on the card”. On Twitter and Facebook, then, is the outbreak of the psychosis: “Bring to the polls a rubber and ask to verify the pencils”.

Also because the complaints continue to arrive without interruption. The most recent is that of Francesco Paola, and comes from section 1831. “The school Garrone of Ostia,” said the elector – the signs of the pencil that we have given could be deleted with a classic rubber. We had arrived several messages on WhatsApp, which warned on this problem. I brought a piece of paper and I did a test. At that point I reported everything to the president of the polling station. I was told that pencils are those delivered from the Viminale and that even if they are erasable, the paper ballot is indelible. I did the same test on the card. Even in that case, you could delete”. The school came the representatives of the Municipality and the central election office. “I am a teacher – says Francesco Paola – and until yesterday, I explained to the boys the Constitution. This thing is not going well. We did put everything in the minutes and we will present a complaint”.

How to vote To vote, you need to go to the polling station to which they belong (during opening hours) with the voter id card

and an identity document valid. In the case of a certificate that has expired or is lost, you can take a free duplicate in the municipality belonging to or Anagrafe, via Petroselli 50. Just to ensure everyone will be able to exercise their right to vote, the Capitol has ordered that the offices are open today from 7 to 23. More information on the electoral arrangements, timetables and a full list of seats are available on the website


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