Saturday, December 3, 2016

Rights to School in 2017, Leo: “on an experimental basis for primary schools” – Puglia

"Rights in the School represents one of the interventions of the tip of our government strategy in support of the School System. The project every year is enriched with more experimentation with the historic objective to break down the early school leaving and to reduce the gap of the students who live particular situations of disadvantage and who have the greatest difficulties in the study.

For these reasons, the eighth edition of the Rights At School, continues to be – experimentally – also the students of the schools of the children in the profound conviction that it is useful to intervene as soon as in relation to those young people who already exhibit the risk of being left behind", so Sebastian Leo, the councillor of education, training and employment of the Region of Puglia, commented on the approval during the Council yesterday of the Notice "Rights in School 2016-2017".

"their Rights at School, ” continued Leo – keeps a historical system, which aims to support the educational offer of the schools of puglia, standing next to the teachers and staff ATA, as a tool to raise the level of education and training of our girls and our boys, with special attention for young people in conditions of fragility and exposed to the risk of being left behind.

This edition confirms the educational support in the subjects of Italian, mathematics, and technical subjects professional with the relative novelty of the introduction of the compulsory teaching of a foreign language. It is also confirmed that the door facing students at risk of exclusion and their families, through which experienced professionals offer a service in support of a psychological, cross-cultural mediation, awareness-raising on the themes of active citizenship and legality and orientation to the pathways of alternating school-work."

“in Short, – concluded the councillor – Rights School continues and improves, the strength of the experience gained and awards received, as the prize for the “RegioStars 2015″ of the EU Commission, which has acknowledged it as a best practice european. As for the last edition, the funding available is equal to € 30.000.000,00 payable out of the resources of the PO Puglia FESR-FSE 2014-2020. An important amount from the signal as the Apulia invest on your future, because the future of these young people is the future of our earth". Starting from Tuesday, December 13, 2016 will be online and the online procedure that will enable the schools of puglia childhood, primary and lower secondary and two years of the Institutes of the second degree to apply for the Rights to School in 2017 with the project proposal. The procedure will be available on the System platform of Apulia.

having reached the eighth edition, with Rights to School in the Region of Puglia has obtained important results in the fight against the phenomenon of early school leaving being detectable, in Puglia, a significant reduction in the rate of dispersal of about 2 percentage points in the last 5 years.


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