Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Referendum, italians vote: polling stations opened from 7 to 23 – The Republic

ROME – After an election campaign very hard, and is characterized up to the last tones are very bright, and exchanges of accusations, is the day of the referendum with which italians will decide the fate of the constitutional reform. The voting operations started at 7 and will continue until 23. Immediately after will begin the voting, which the will be in direct. The urns are called 46.714.950 voters, of which 22.465.280 men and 24.249.670 women. Since this was a constitutional consultation is not necessary for the quorum of attendance the minimum expected for a referendum abrogative ones.

In the game there is not only the reform that redefines, among other things, the duties and the composition of the Senate – putting an end to bicameralism, equal – the powers of the State and the Regions, the election of the president of the Republic. By the victory of the ” Yes or No depend on the tightness of the government Renzi and the structure of the political framework. And there is great attention to the reaction of the markets, which is expected to negative in the case of rejection of the reform. The controversies that have marked the election campaign confirmed the importance of the game. The two sides battled without exclusion of blows and also at the vigil, accusandosi each other of breaking the election silence on the day prior to the vote.

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in Addition to the result, there are two variables on which it focuses the attention of policy makers and observers: the turnout for the referendum that, although a complex issue, seems to have attracted the attention of the public. And the outcome of the vote abroad, which could be, according to many, determining if the opening is on the wire. The cards of those who voted outside from the national borders to arrive in Castelnuovo di Porto, near Rome, where they were settled to the appropriate seats. The voters having the right to vote by correspondence abroad are 3.995.042, 2.077.455 men and 1.917.587 women.

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