Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Migrants: To Cona after the revolt remains the ragbbia. The transfer –

a mournful, continuous caravan of african kids, loads of bags, nylon and suitcases of their precarious life, that which enters and exits at any time from the Cpa of Cona, a point in the flat countryside of the venetian blind, where you risk being the revolt after the death of a young migrant: Sandrine Bakayoko, the ivorian 25 years old, killed by a thrombosis of the lung.

the intervention of The police, without the use of force, which removed the barrier of a hundred immigrants, who had ‘seized’ the operators of the cooperative has reported the situation under control. But it has not stopped the anger. Also yesterday, nobody has eaten in a former military base that houses 1500 refugees.

The countrymen of Sandrine continued in the block of the meals, placing it in front of their peers, so the trays with the food went back. “There is the right pain for the loss of a compatriot,” explains the Superintendent of Venice, Angelo Sanna – but now we’re going a little bit further. We have the result of the autopsy, and says that it is a natural death. I think there is then by raising your voice much”. There was the intervention of the agents “because it could allow for the blocking of field to infinite – adds Sanna – but was not ‘raised’, not ‘used’ a cudgel, and this was important. I have to say that they have had with respect to those in front of them wearing the uniform of the Italian. We must insist on dialogue, because in the front we have someone who suffers”.

Cona, indeed, Is the tiny village of 190 inhabitants, which houses the former military base, now a hub for migrants, jumped suddenly in the securities of tg. With the trucks of the forces of order came the tv crews. The few residents are in a cluster on the road, raising the lapels of the jackets to shelter from the icy wind.

Jordan, a mason of 54 years who lives two steps away from the Cpa, observed disconsolately. “Night is a way-go of people, – he says – hundreds of migrants who, carry all, luggage, parcels, trolley, throwing the empty cans on the ground. We can’t get out of the house”. “At the beginning, he had brought only a group of 49. We are 190 in the country, were already too many, but we could endure, we could manage. Now they are 1500 and there is killed. Who knows what will happen next…”. “Try to live with it – says the man – but then you realize that they have no respect, they throw the rubbish on the fields, the empty bottles on the street: then you start to hate them”.

“Cona” no one is treated like a beast, they all have one somewhere,” explains meanwhile Gaetano Battocchio, the president of ‘Edeco’, the new name assumed by Ecofficina, the co-op, already investigated by the Prosecutor’s office of Venice to the previous iregolarità, which manages the property. “Of course that is not a paradise, he adds, a hotel is more comfortable than a field such as that of Cona but in this moment, the Prefecture has identified our structure.” There are no ‘yellow’, according to Battocchio, in the reconstruction of the death of the young ivaoriana: “there has been no delay in the assistance – claims – the case was managed by a medical doctor inside the field, a medical professional, she immediately called the 118″.

The girl was found unconscious inside a bathroom of the field, which was locked. “The cause of death – has made clear the pm Lucy D’alessandro – has been ascertained. It is a thrombus-embolism bilateral pulmonary”. The magistrate excluded all the hypotheses related to violent events or viral diseases. So as it seems to have no connection with the fact that about a month ago, as revealed by the mayor of Cona, Roberto Panfilio, Sandrine had had an abortion, for which it had been followed by medical staff. But the sorrow for the loss of their companion, in addition to the migrant of Cona especially the anger for the conditions of life in the field: “there is No respect for us,” says Stephane, a twenty-year-old nigerian, who walks toward the entrance of the Cpa – Are too many people in there. People can’t live like this. We are in the tents, it’s cold, the water is cold, and the documents that we never arrive”. In the e vening of yesterday comes the news that the interior ministry has arranged for the transfer of 100 of their other facilities in Emilia Romagna. Another movement, in the expectation of a better future.


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