Saturday, January 21, 2017

Avalanche on the hotel hotel Rigopiano, extracted four other people. Rescuers: “New voices” – The Republic

RIGOPIANO (PESCARA) – Pulled alive a fourth person from the ice and from the rubble of the hotel Rigopiano. This is a man, that would hurt. In the course of the night have been saved so far, four people. They are part of the group of five indviduati yesterday. At the time the official budget of the civil Protection speaks of 4 children saved, as well as three women and two men. A tenth person has yet to be extracted from the rubble. Four people have been killed. In the meantime, he has begun to snow.

The official budget. These are the names provided by the Prefecture of Pescara: the people saved yesterday are Gianfilippo and The Wall, the two sons of the chef, Giampiero Wall, the 38-year-old who is saved right now from the avalanche and managed to give the alarm. His wife, Adriana Vercerao has been pulled alive from the rubble. To these must be added two other children: Samuel Michelangelo (for now, no news of his parents, yesterday’s data to live by the mayor of Osimo), and Edward Charles. Then there is the group of 5 people identified yesterday: Stefano Feniello and girlfriend Francesca Bronzes; Vincent Strong and girlfriend Giorgia Galassi; Giampaolo Matrons. Of these, four were pulled from the rubble during the operations to save the fifth person, but the prefecture still has not pro vided the identity.

thehospital of Pescara around at 5.30 and we got the three young people – two girls and a boy – are now hospitalized; the doctors call their conditions “good”. To the 8 is arrived, then a boy of 33 years, that the health they are visiting. The next medical bulletin is expected to 11.

victims the official budget, as said above, is stuck at four: two men and two women found last night, their identity at the moment is not known. The two deaths are Gabriele D’angelo and Alessandro Giancaterino, both waiters at the hotel. The death of Gabriel, a volunteer with the local red Cross, has disrupted several rescuers present in the coordination centre set up at the Palazzetto dello Sport Pens. Friends, in tears, hugged to give comfort.

New snow. The snow returned to fall on Farindola, both in the course of the night, in these hours. But the mighty machine of the relief is not certainly not stop in the search for the missing guests of the hotel Rigopiano, in spite of the danger of new landslides, which, as experts say, it is not ruled out. It works incessantly from the night between Wednesday and Thursday last, and it is a fight against time in order to save other human lives. Between the alpine Rescue team, the Finance police, the Fire Brigade, the Carabinieri and the Police, all of which are present with special teams, operators engaged in the difficult searches are more than 500.

relief. in the Meantime, have been identified and other items come from hell the ice cream of the structure collapsed under the weight of the avalanche. New items intercepted, however, have not yet localized in the structure. The rescuers, who have worked tirelessly throughout the night, and reaffirm that you are facing a situation “is not easy, you work inside a building that has collapsed, where it became complicated to orient yourself. It advances, but with much, much caution. We realize that this caution slows down the operations of search and retrieval but it is absolutely necessary to proceed in this way, you can risk more.”

Still 20 missing. Would still be about twenty people who are thought to be dispersed in the hotel, according to the rescuers, on the basis of the indications so far have come from relatives of people – employees and customers – that were inside of the resort. A number that seems in some way to return to the one indicated in yesterday afternoon from the head of the Department of civil Protection, Fabrizio Curcio, who had spoken a total of about thirty people. Considering the fact that five (four children and a woman) were recovered safe and sound and that the other five have been identified and are working to take them out, get here at about twenty – more or less – those that lack the appeal, or of which we know nothing as yet. Even if the rescuers do not despair, in fact someone of them says he is optimistic about the outcome of this dramatic race against time.


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