Thursday, December 1, 2016

Recycling of billions “dirty” The blitz in the chinese community – Corriere della Sera

When the undercover cop came in the shop in via Sarpi and asked to send money abroad, the chinese behind the desk, told him who did the service. Yet the sign said in chinese, and much more clearly in Italian, that it was a “Money transfer”, one of those who, according to the public Prosecutor of Milan has contributed to the transfer of in China the beauty of 2.7 billion euro in the last two years, all in cash from illegal activities made on national soil. An investigation on the which stretches the shadow to the left of the death of a 32-year-old, killed yesterday while investigators pulled the first conclusions of the investig ation.

The catch of the paraguayan Ronald Javier Baddouh Abbate and under house arrest for the Italian Luigi Del Principe and the chinese Jiaqi Liu (researched) and have made out the contours of the inquiry the pm’s Grace Colacicco and Jordan Baggio, according to which the three were part of a criminal association, the tca matrix chinese based in Milan, italy for recycling, the self-laundering, the illegal exercise of financial activity and violations of tax and are able to move every day to 3.7 million euros in cash, half from Milan. Money coming from the “black” made in the activities trade, legal and managed by the chinese throughout Italy, or illegal, such as trafficking of counterfeit goods, prostitution and gambling. With forty money transfer, concentrated in Milan and Rome, the organization moved to the huge amounts of money by exploiting the loopholes in the european legislation. Only the chinese trust could obtain the service.

The trick was to divide the sums in gruzzoli from 999 euro (the maximum limit is 1,000 euros) registered each of them to a man, to a non-existent person, or completely unaware. The money would then be collected by a company that takes care of all legally transport values, paid in banks milanese or roman (which also would have been suspicious, but have not reported anything), and transferred to the “payment Institutions community (such as the Chronosprint sas, the Global worldwide forex lt, the Fx management) with a formal seat in London, but working in Milan, who allowed the money transfer to operate. So you avoided the controls in Italy, very strict, to submit only to those of Great Britain, less far-reaching.

Arrived in London, the money left at a time of China to be cashed by a beneficiary unknown to which it will be difficult to ascertain the identity, in view of the impossibility of carrying out investigations due to the absence of a mutual assistance treaty between Italy and China. The investigators speculate that some of these coins may be returned in Italy to legally purchase business assets or real estate “polluting the financial market,” says an investigator who speaks of “a channel dangerous” for the same national economy, and does not exclude the risk of financing of international terrorism. To confuse the tracks, according to the State Police and the Guardia di Finanza, the company were closed and were taken over by the other. Between 2013 and 2015, the only Chronosprint has moved to China to 800 million before being replaced by the Global that has transferred € 1.4 billion. The same company does not pay even the taxes, and exposing the tax revenues are very low: the Chronosprint, which has grossed 15 million in commissions, and the Global, which only in 2014 has grossed 16 million, said revenues for less than 250k euro each. The Prince and Baddouh, from the headquarters of via De Cristofori drove Chronosprint, they realized that they were traveling in illegality and that they were going to get in trouble. The second, on the phone, he said that an accountant had advised to “run away, nun ce I know saints, there is not a day to lose, immediately, the ec put in jail and close”.


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