Saturday, January 21, 2017

Rigopiano, the email 4 hours before the avalanche: “you Send a turbine to the hotel” – The Republic

PESCARA – Sitting behind his desk full of cards, the deputy attorney Cristina Tedeschini a first idea of whether the is made. “It would probably be enough for a snow blower sent before the avalanche to clear the road of the hotel Rigopiano and allow at least the guests to leave. A turbine, that is, the big snow blower cutter the province of Pescara is not had because of the repair. And that, according to what is in the record of the Republic, for the whole morning and in the afternoon of last Wednesday have not been able to find. A frantic search, of which he was informed with a letter directly to the chairman of the Board Paolo Gentiloni.

From this conviction that prompts the investigation for "manslaughter plural" and "disaster negligence" opened by the public prosecutor of Pescara, and at the moment, no suspects. Were heard a variety of witnesses (including an officer of the province, the surviving Giampiero Wall and the restorative Quintino Marcella), were acquired documents in the Province, the Prefecture, the local office of the National Weather Service that has issued the alert avalanche (the first dates back to January 14, when the risk was raised to 4 on a scale of 5). “There are three scenarios that we want to go deeper,” explains Tedeschini. “One: to understand if the hotel were to be closed to the public before Wednesday the 18th, in consequence of the weather”. The decision in the case, would have to be the subject of an eviction order of the mayor of Faridabad. “Two: if, as seems likely, there has been an initial underestimation of the severity of the emergency and the delay in relief operations. Three: check to see if the hotel Rigopiano could stay where he was, if he respected the constraints of the National Park of Abruzzo. Our priority is to reconstruct the history of the facts.” And the history of the facts can not start from the dawn, on Wednesday.

The 22 clients of the hotel are agitated, if you want to go. The night before a snow thrower has allowed two guests down to the valley, but during the night, the snow-storm has blocked the main road to Faridabad. The shock of 10.25 triggers the panic, and at 11 the management of the hotel send an e-mail with certified mail to the province of Pescara, asking for help to clear the road. Also report that the diesel generator is low and that the customers are out of the structure. “Don’t want to go back for fear of the earthquake”. Usually the thrower of the local firm, which was entrusted with the cleaning of the roads with a convention with the Province, passes on the road at around 13.30, at the end of the morning rounds. That day, however, is not seen none, why on the road network there is too much snow, the snowplow can’t make it to the exit. Need a turbine. And they are also in Pescara.

By ten in the headquarters of the Province Piazza Italia is a meeting between the provincial president Antonio Di Marco, the governor of abruzzo Luciano D’alfonso, the civil protection, the statutory auditors. The order of the day, the snow emergency and the restoration of the electricity network of Enel. The first shock of the 10.25 is appalled everyone in the room, the discussion changes. At 11.30 am, Amato calls on the phone the governor. “We need to find a turbine to Farindola and the Vestina area”. The endowment of the province is almost nothing: 4 for snow-plough, 10 cantonieri, 2 turbines, of which one route and the other employed in Caramanico. Marco, at that point, it writes a mail to the President of the council, the Civil Protection of Rome, at the prefecture of Pescara. “In the last hours rainfall above the average and the partial dissolution of snow, have further complicated the situation. Doing their alarms received by the statutory auditors of the territory (including that of Farindola, ndr), in declaring the state of emergency ask you to have available to immediately transport the turbine to free the snow from the county and municipal roads”. Are the 13.30.

To 15 to Pescara meets the operating Committee of the regional civil Protection. The turbines, we have not seen. Between 17.40 and 18 arrive at the 118 the first phone calls alarmed by Quintino Marcella, that collects and raises the sos of the surviving Wall. His words are initially underestimated. How is that possible? Still, the magistrate Cristina Tedeschini: “The management of the emergency operations might have been compromised by the dozens of fake alert and the buffaloes put in circulation by persons of reckless during the whole day.” Someone had to spread it on the web and whatsapp reports fake. The Region, in the late afternoon, spreads a press release: “the Expectations in the next 12 hours milling cutters, turbine made available by Anas, Autostrade per l’italia and Strada dei Parchi”. A is deflected on the road to the hotel Rigopiano, and it turns out that it was already in the vicinity, Pens. It is active only about 20. The disaster now occurred.


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