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Rigopiano, rises to 18 the number of deaths, 11 missing. The alarm is useless: “Collapse? History of idiots” – Il fatto Quotidiano

Rises to 18 the number of victims ofhotel Rigopiano, hotel in the province of Pescara overwhelmed Wednesday, January 19, the last in an avalanche. The Firefighters, working tirelessly, have recovered another from the tangle of rubble and snow. These people without life today have not yet been identified. Missing at this point are 11, and now hopes of finding someone still alive are feeble. There were 40 people in the hotel when the mountain is coming down avalanche: 28 guests, including 4 kids found alive, and 12 employees, including the owner, Roberto, Red and another employee Faye Dame. In the afternoon, in the province of Pescara, was held the funeral of Gabriele D’angelo, 31 years old, a waiter in the hotel. In Farindola instead the funeral of Alessandro Giancaterino, brother of the former mayor Maximilian, he also dependent of the structure, killed by the avalanche.

The call of alarm. "The hotel collapsed? The mother of idiots is always pregnant"
The newspaper The Republic has published the reconstruction of the first call alarm, the one made by the restaurateur Quintino Marcella and branded as "a joke" by idiots" by the operator of the civil Protection. Are the 18 and 20 on January 18 and the man he has just received a Whatsapp message from the Wall. "I am Marcella, last name, Quentin name. My cook has contacted me on Whatsapp five minutes ago, the hotel of Rigopiano is collapsed, there is nothing more… He is there with his wife, little children… you are acting, you go up there," says. The operator of civil Protection, however, is not believe: "This story runs from this morning. The fire brigade have made the checks Rigopiano, collapsed the barn Martinelli"."No, No! My cook h as contacted me on Whatsapp 5 mins ago, has the children under there… is crying, is in the car… he is one seriously, please", replies the restaurateur. The woman, however, does not persuade. "Listen, you don’t have his number? Leave me the phone number. But it is from this morning that it circulates this story, it seems that only the stable collapsed. That I have to say?".

The reference was to the stable of the breeder, Angela Martinelli, which had suffered damage to the roof due to the earthquake. The stable is located a few meters from the hotel Rigopiano, where the Wall has just tried to raise the alarm. "How do you call that a chef?", ask the operator of the civil Protection. "Giampiero Walls. It is the one of the pizzeria, is the son of Gino…" replies Marcella. "Yes, I know very well the son of Gino, I know him, I know mom. It is from this morning that turn this thing. The 118 confirms to me that they have spoken with the director two hours ago, I confirm that is not collapsed nothing, they are all well". "But how is that possible?". "the mother of The imbecile is always pregnant. The mobile phone… you can see that it took…". The civil Protection is not believe that an avalanche destroyed the hotel Rigopiano. We do not beli eve, because at 17 and 40 phone calls to the hotel manager, Thomas, and after that the same Wall he had tried to raise the alarm to the 118, before turning to Marcella. Thomas, however, denies that the hotel is collapsed: "I," he says, since it is located in Pescara, and not in Faridabad. And it is for this reason that assistance will be activated only after the 19-and 45-an hour and a half after the alarm of Marcella. When will now be dark.

The rescuers: "we Must continue to seek"
"we will Not rest, until we have the certainty that there will be no one under the rubble or under snow. We must continue to seek until the end," said the officer of the Department of Civil Protection Louis D Angelo. "it Is digging in the heart of the structure – it has added – in the area between the kitchens, the bar and the lobby. Until we have found all we are going next". Until today there are 11 survivors from the tragedy. In addition to the cook, Giampiero Wall, and the employee of the hotel Fabio Salzetta – that were on the outside of the structure, you add the wife to the Wall, Adriana Vranceanu, the son Gianfilippo and the three children recovered later: the other daughter of the Wall, Ludovica, Edoardo Di Carlo and Samuel Mic helangelo. Extracted alive from the ice and debris is also Giampaolo Matrons, Francesca Bronze,Vincenzo Strong and Giorgia Galassi: the last two were already discharged from the hospital in Pescara.

The surveys and the structure built on piles of rubble
Testimonials, acquisitions, documents, autopsy: the investigation by the public Prosecutor of Pescara continues on several fronts. Were heard Giorgia Galassi, and Vincent Strong, the two boyfriends of Giulianova and have been performed other autopsies. The front of the investigation search, precise particulars about everything that could be done before, that is, for the management of the emergency and for the while, that is, to see if that total disaster that was the Abruzzo of those hours, all was done to arrive in time to Rigopiano. The turbines for example: in Abruzzo, Anas has nine. The Pens never stopped, has swept the ss 81 of the competence of the Anas, but it would have been more needed elsewhere? And who would decide? Is the scrutiny in short, the chain of command of the relief efforts, the precise responsibilities of the operating rooms.

The survey, meanwhile, bursts in like a boulder in the judgment of 2016 on the alleged corruption in renovation work of 2007-2008. The Forum, H2O has announced that it will send to the Csm for the evaluation. In the judgment in relation to the alleged abuse of state-owned land for the public use pastoral confirm the abuse, confirmed, later, by a resolution of the Municipality that became the object of accusation of the public Prosecutor and talk about the assumptions of patronage. On Monday the public prosecutor of Pescara Cristina Tedeschini, at the press conference, said that the survey will focus on "structure, avalanche, roads and communications." As had already emerged in the past few days, in fact, the structure is built above lava flows and accumulations of the debris of pre-existing including those from avalanches. The "testimony" documentary – highlighted by the Forum H2O Abruzzo – comes from the map Geomorphological of the ri ver basins of the Abruzzi Region since 1991, repeated and confirmed in 2007 by the map of Hydrogeological Plan of the Regional Council. The scrutiny of the investigators, will be passed the alert ignored the avalanche which has swept away 39 people. Like for example the mail to ask for the "surgery" urgent delivery by the director of the hotel authorities at 7 am of January 18. Eleven hours later would come the avalanche.

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