Saturday, January 21, 2017

Rome, car versus ambulance to the Host: dead patient 91enne – The Republic

And it was, perhaps, a sudden braking, the cause of the fatal crash between a Smart and an ambulance of the 118 that was carrying an elderly woman of 91 years, then died. The collision happened this morning at 10 to Ostia via dei Romagnoli and via of the Canary islands when the Smart went crashing into the rescue vehicle.

On the spot, alerted by some passers-by who witnessed the incident, intervened agents of the Local police group X Sea who are proceeding with the relief. At the moment there are elements to reconstruct the exact dynamics, and ascertain the responsibilities. The case is also investigating

the Prosecutor’s office of Rome has already prepared the autopsy on the victim.

you Will need to in fact ensure if the cause of death was violent accident, or natural causes. In the meantime, the family of Bojana, Guicciardi, born in Emilia Romagna, but a long time resident at Ostia, were traced and informed of what happened.
Heard, finally, the doctors who were on board the ambulance that was heading towards the Grassi hospital in Ostia.

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