Thursday, January 26, 2017

The ‘Ndrangheta, 33 arrests in the clan and Practice: coletti white and fake olive oil in the Usa – The Republic

REGGIO CALABRIA The mediterranean diet is increasingly popular in the United States, but to pollute the Italian products overseas came the ‘ndrangheta. And so, next to the celebrated products of quality, the gangs had put in foot traffic to peddle in the Usa fake extra virgin olive oil, which was olive-pomace oil, the result of the production waste. The bought at bargain prices in Greece, Turkey or Syria, and after a quick processing in Calabria, was shipped to the United States, where he passed the customs as olive pomace oil. He was a real criminal organisation to alter any of the labels, transforming them into extra virgin olive oil of Italian origin, and to get it on the shelve s of Wal-Mart and other large chains.

one of the discoveries of the magistrates of Reggio Calabria, who ordered the detention of 33 affiliates of the clan and Practice, executed this morning at dawn by men of the Ros of the carabinieri, between Calabria and Lombardy. Accused in various capacities of mafia association, drug trafficking, header fictitious assets, self-laundering, attempted murder, the 33 finished in handcuffs for the Dda are all affiliated to the clan of the Practice, historical house mafia from that time considered to be an expression of the elite of the ‘ndrangheta in the world. From their feud of Gioia Tauro discovered the investigators – the clan has been able to extend its interests not only in other regions of Italy, such as Lombardy, but even in the United States.

“In Gioia Tauro, the men in the Practice they continued to move with the classical methods of imposition and intimidation by the mafia, capable of defending with the kalashnikov, their interests, criminals on the port, or check the teams active in the port, “explains the chief prosecutor Federico Cafiero de Raho – in Milan, instead, were the businessmen in suit and tie, able to establish important trade agreements with key national stakeholders and international”.

At the center of the network in milan, in symbiotic relationship with the mother house in Gioia Tauro, there is Antonio and Practice, and the descendant of the namesake family of the ‘ndrangheta and the boss’s son Pino, said Facciazza. For the will of the father, he was the one to take the scepter of the command of the clan. And always by order of the boss, after the final sentence to 7 years in prison for mafia association, has moved to Milan, where he moved the centre of gravity of the affairs of the Practice. A jacket and tie, big money, and a galaxy of society in which the formally had not any assignment, but that managed by the master, are tools that have allowed the son of the boss to take the fruit and vegetable market, food distribution, construction. For years, the milanese have eaten only oranges of the ‘ndrangheta, have bought apartments and offices built by the clan, they donned their clothing fake. Different businesses but managed through a galaxy of companies, all related to Practice, jr and his brothers-in-law, each of them delegated to a specific task. Francis Cordì and Nicola Rucireta, for example, dealing with the tourism sector, where they have ripped million dollar contracts to large groups such as Club Med, club med and Alpitour thanks to hefty bribes. Pasquale Guerrisi was entrusted with the coordination of the activities of the clan in the construction industry, such as the "public relations" with the other clans of the Plain of Gioia Tauro. Francis Pronestì was, instead, much of the apparel industry, allowing the clan to open in several shopping centers sales points of well-known brands such as Celio and Jennifer, as the marketing of citrus fruit as much in the Ortomercato of Milan, as in eastern Europe.

But the pioneers of entrepreneurship ‘ndranghetista, the Practice was not limited to infecting the city. “The market of the enterprises of the Practice is not Milan, or better, it’s not only Milan – says the prosecutor Cafiero de Raho – That is a base that serves to establish relationships, but their projections are international”. Under the madonnina, the men of the clan have formed relationships that have allowed them to flood the oil counterfeit the United States. An open channel from Rosario Vizzari, a childhood friend of Antonio and Practice, became the arm of his statement in the Usa. A man of power and a lot of knowledge in the most diverse environments, Vizzari is a point of reference for the regent of the Practice, as for the whole clan. It is he who heals, ” explains the general of the Ros, Joseph Government – "the contacts with the Olive oil company, as with the mafias of New Jersey, Detroit, Chicago and Boston." A man of many contacts, has in fact forced the Dda to keep as secret as possible the investigation in order to avoid that the thing reaches the ear. It is the only one that until now has escaped capture, because the resident in the Usa. “We explained to the Fbi the dangers of this organization for the american market, and now, also because of the excellent relationship that we have always been, and we expect that he will face an investigation in depth” stresses Government.

“What impresses you most in the face of this investigation,” said the prosecutor Federico Cafiero de Raho – is the extraordinary entrepreneurial ability, which allows the clans to assert itself in the most diverse areas”.

Gioia Tauro, however, the methods used by the clans to counter the competition, and business, both on the territory, have remained the traditional ones. Threats, intimidation, bullets and even an attempted murder, such as that of Michele Zito, a man of the Meil, which has threatened to pay with the life, quarrels with a lieutenant of the Practice. Traditional was also the activity in the field of drug trafficking, operated by the clan due to the control of the port of Gioia Tauro, defended on the tip of his kalashnikov when others have attempted to infiltrate at the airport, as well as the ability to infiltrate in large investments, as the one destined to give rise to a giant shopping centre in the Plain. "We found ourselves in front of a business organisation the international criminal, in which there are systems of behavior typical of the 'ndrangheta of a time", summarizes colonel Galimberti, head of the task force that the Ros of Rome has dedicated to this operation. That the Practice was an empire of a thousand faces, which today begins to creak.


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