Thursday, January 26, 2017

Canton: “In Health care, the corruption exists and is deep – PUPIA

Naples – "Corruption in Health", the title of the conference he took part in Raffaele Cantone, president of the Anac, in the Palazzo du Monthly.

"we do Not have to fill the offices of those who administer public goods to bugs or to hire agents provocateur to find out if an officer is honest or not. What is needed is prevention, which passes first of all for the transparency that is owed to the citizens who must ask the account each day the money spent".

The chairman of the Authority anti-corruption has no doubts about how to counteract the phenomena illegalities in public administration. "You have to work from the inside and make a system," he adds.

For the Canton, the corruption in the Health system "exists, is persistent, deep and serious. But if we say that everything is corruption, we fight". Therefore advised the magistrate to the many manager of the sector "admit that there is the problem of the conflict of interests and intervene before we get to the handcuffs, because every penny lost to corruption is a penny taken away from the citizen and his health."


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