Tuesday, February 7, 2017

“Deaths of 8 children in 20 days”: the complaint of the mothers of the Land of Fires – The Republic

the Dead children. Eight in the last twenty days according to the family. Five in two months, to hear the vertices of the hospital. Killed by the cancer and resident in the Land of Fires, the area where, for years, toxic waste and illegal waste dumps have poisoned entire territories of the two provinces of Naples and Caserta.

The complaint of the parents of kids who have died from neoplasm, it is yesterday. Comes from the Committee of the mothers ‘Victims of the Land of Fires”. They shouted their anger in front of the prefecture of Naples. They knew that in the palace of government, there was Claudio De Vincenti, minister of the south down to Naples to co-chair a meeting on the Team. Strong words. Accusations are accurate. “These children,” say the Committee, “does not rest never in peace. For them there is no justice”. And they add: “The smallest of the 7 months, the largest of 11 years”.

Fabio Mazzei is the dad of Geneva, 4 years old in August: he has a brain tumor diagnosed in 2015, but according to doctors, the “lesion,” dates back to a few months before. Memory review the names of the victims. Shreds of tragic stories: “Claretta died at 12 years old on the 23rd of December. Did dance, had a lung cancer with metastasis to the brain. And this type of cancer, everyone knows it, affects adults”. “And then there is Tonia, a native of Melito (Common on the outskirts of Naples,ed). She is over for a recurrence of leukemia. To 6 years of age. Joseph has gone to 13 from twenty days. He also shot and killed by leukemia. He was only 7 months instead of David, suffering from a “solid tumor” “.

a part of the sacrosanct protest of those who have suffered the loss of a son, on the other the data. For now do not give receipts, but not even deny it. Dominic Ripaldi, the director of the Oncology department of the Santobono-Pausilipon (reference pediatric the South), offered the numbers of his company. That do not coincide with those of the Committee: “The dead from the first of December 2016 today are 5. And the incidence is in line with previous years”. Francis Vetrani is the specialist of the Pausilipon that deals with programming. Within one month shall deliver the data of the cancer Registry paediatric: “Is the five-year period 2008-2012. I can’t anticipate anything, but if

there were elements of relief, we would have communicated. And still are very similar to those of the national pool “.

Mario Fusco, director of the cancer Registry adults of the Naples 3: “If you actually had died, eight children should be enabled a survey the epidemiological. To know which disease they had, and what were the actual times (20 days or 6 months?). And also to trace the number of deaths in the individual 4 Asl including in the Land of Fires”.


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