Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Behind the Merkel’s two-speed: for Tremonti will be the “piemontesizzazione” of Europe – Intelligonews

A two-speed Europe. On the thrust of Merkel is back in the spotlight with the hypothesis of the German chancellery to allow some Countries to proceed more quickly towards greater integration in key sectors such as the euro, defence, social rights, but also on migrants, the single market and justice. the “We have learned from the history of the last years that there could be a European Union of different speeds and that not all of them would participate every time to all the steps of integration” the message launched by Merkel after the Eu summit in Malta. The chancellor has received the support also of Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg, which have underlined in a joint statement that “different ways of integration and enhanced cooperation could provide effective answers to the challenges that affect member states in different ways”.

european leaders will have to address the issue, which is compounded by Brexit and the cyclone Trump, on march 25, when they meet in Rome to celebrate the 60 years since the Treaty that established the European Community, and in that occasion will have to trace the route to follow, possibly avoiding the iceberg-style Titanic. A real risk if it were passed this political line is to end up with a Italy serie B together with the other Countries of the south of Europe, against the axis of the north led by Germany. Even the French president Francois Hollande had spoken of a Union at different speeds, and the possibility that this option has to be inserted in the declaration of Rome, but at the same time, had argued that european unity is essential. Merkel, however, as from habit, seems determined to follow his road without leaving too much space to diplomacy.


A strategy strongly criticized by Giulio Tremonti: “If this is Europe, where they rely on absolute powers to supranational entities that are opaque not transparent is the betrayal of the spirit of Rome made by the so-called pro-europeans. the That these go home, it seems to me positive. If evolution is the replication of Rome, put together what is essential, such as defence, but leaves to the individual States the beans and the oil is fine. We want to make the order that the piedmontese have done to the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies”. Opinion totally opposite to Prodi: “The idea of Merkel is welcome.”


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