Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Elections, Napolitano is just the opposite: “don’t you fall a government for the calculation tactical someone” – Il fatto Quotidiano

Pd renziano, M5s, Alloy and Fdi accelerate Forza Italia and Alfano are holding back. In the middle, but shifted towards the axis if the words of the president emeritus of the Republic of Giorgio Napolitano. Which, net of the pronouncement of the Browse on the Italicum, and of the intention of Sergio Mattarella (who wants an election law uniform for both the house and Senate), told her on the date of the upcoming elections: for the former head of the State must not arrive before the natural end of the legislat ure, then in 2018. "In civilized countries up to the election there must be a natural end and we’re still missing a year – said the former tenant of the Quirinale In Italy, there has been an abuse of the recourse to the elections. You should go to vote, or the natural expiry of the legislature, or when they lack the conditions to continue to go forward" was the reasoning of Napolitano. That then makes a reasoning political very precise and seems to want to send messages to those who have ears to hear: "To remove the confidence to the government, something has to happen. Not sure for the calculation of tactical of someone…".

it is Not given us to know, nor Napolitano has specified, to whom he was referring with that "someone". Certainly there are many of those which, since the resignation of Renzi after the defeat in the constitutional referendum of December 4, they asked for the vote in advance. The timing ofthe former head of State, however, suggests that the call is directed to the secretary of the democratic Party. That, needless to hide it, has played a key role in accelerating the process of the discussion on the new electoral law, which, thanks to the agreement with the M5s, Lega, and Fdi will arrive in the Classroom already at the end of February. The signature of Matteo Renzi on the carried out in view of the elections before the summer arrived yesterday evening during the broadcast of Tuesday Giovanni Floris. The former premier has, in fact, sent the tenant a text message in whi ch has written that "for me to vote in the 2017 or 2018 is the same. The only thing is to avoid that click the annuities because it would be very unfair towards the citizens. It would be absurd."

Not for Giorgio Napolitano, obviously. He had to cash in on the ready response of Matteo Salvini, one of the proponents of the vote in florida: "In civilized Countries who betrays his own People is on trial, is not preserved in life," he wrote on Twitter the secretary of the League. On the same line of wavelength, and the other proponents of the vote in florida. Among these Calderoli and Larussa, according to which "in civil countries, governments choose them, the people". From the front renziano is the parent company Pd in the Chamber Ettore Rosato to to tell her about the declarations of the predecessor of Mattarella: "What the president says Napolitano, is certainly shareable: ordinarily, a legislature must be a natural expiration date, he emphasized, it Is then to evaluate if a legislature is still in production or if it has sold out its thrust, and is no longer able to give answers to the problems of Country. This is an assessment that we will do at the appropriate time".

agree with Napolitano, the governor of the Region of Tuscany Henry Doe, who has already announced his candidacy to the secretariat of the Pd against Matteo Renzi. "Napolitano has fully reason: Italy needs to be governed and not be overwhelmed by the adventures opportunistic," said Rossi, noting that "the election to expiration are essential to address the emergencies of the Country, starting from the reconstruction of the areas destroyed by the earthquake, and by a true government of the territory ravaged by the disasters and the climatic". Hear Henry Doe, then, "enjoy the organic intervention in contrast to absolute poverty, a plan for the work of young people and a programme of public investment aimed at the Mezzogiorno and other areas deindustrializzate". A discourse, that of the governor of the tuscan, from full electoral campaign. In his words, however, could not miss a mention of the issue of the electoral law which will be elected in the new parliament. "You can go to vote with an election law that keeps capilista locked and colleges that are too large – Rossi said – to A possible agreement that there were no changes of this type, it would be a mistake fatal, and would expose the Country to a new season of dramatic uncertainty and instability". Concepts identical to those expressed by robert Hope, of the minority internal to the Pd, in relation to the hypothesis of the extension of the electoral law of the Chamber to the Senate: "to Think that you put on the capilista locked even the Senate it seems to me a nightmare: electors would not understand".


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