Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Naples, candidates to the Municipal without their knowledge: there is a first suspect – Naples Fanpage

We extend the investigation conducted by the Prosecutor’s office of Naples on the anomalies in the lists of candidates for the upcoming municipal election, after allegations of people that have been placed without their knowledge, but one of the case of Federica, a girl suffering from Down’s syndrome, that she found herself entered in the list of Valeria Valente. It is of these hours the news that the investigation, which is the owner, pm Stefania Buda and coordinated by the prosecutor added Alfonso D’avino, has produced the first suspect.

According to what is learned, vis-à-vis this person assumes the crime of violation of the electoral law. As is known from the complaints, the suspect, a city councillor, he endorsed the nominations with the consent of the people concerned. As emerges from the investigation of the offence would have been committed in a single day, on may 6, 2016. The man will be heard in the next few days by the magistrates.

The investigation of the power of Attorney focuses primarily on the civic list Naples is Valeria Valente, who in the next few days will be heard as a person informed on the facts. Just after the outbreak of the scandal, and the initiation of the investigation, the same Valente had commented on the situation: “I Hope an investigation quickly the truth. They are the first interested in that is made full of light, because, whatever happened, are, together with the unsuspecting victims, injured party in this affair”.

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