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Rays, for the appointment of Romeo challenged a new abuse – Corriere della Sera

The notice of appearance of Salvatore Romeo is in fact a new indictment in Virginia-Rays. Because at the centre of the new strand of the inquiry initiated by the public prosecutor of Rome there is his appointed head of the secretariat of the mayor, that in this way he tripled his salary. An “unjust profit” that suggests another abuse of office, after the one objected to the appointment of Renato Marra to responsible Tourism at the Capitol. In front of the magistrates – that they have called for today, even if the questioning could slip – Romeo will have to make clear contact with the Rays before becoming his right arm, but also the choice to donate to her two life insurance policies, respectively, from 30 thousand, and three thousand euro. For the investigation is an important week, waiting for the interrogation of Marra on his relations with the leaders of the Capitol, and with the leader of the M5S in Rome, first of all, Luigi Di Maio.

promotion. When the Beams are chosen, Romeo is a simple municipal employee. But for months, is at his side: first the campaign, then on the upper floors of the Town. So much so that in June – a few days after the victory to the administrative – ask Marra to deliver the organisation chart for the organisational structure, therefore, the list of all the places to cover. A few weeks later, Romeo gets in expectation, on the 9th of August and is hired as a manager and his salary goes from 40 thousand euros for the year to 100 thousand, then reduced to 93 thousand. A deduction, however, does not save the Rays from the dark of the Anac led by Raffaele Cantone. On September 7, that appointment is considered to be “illegitimate”, the anti-Corruption transmits the acts of the prosecutor’s office.

The policies. The deputy prosecutor Paolo Ielo coordinates the inspection of all the resolutions signed by the mayor. And checks and balance sheets to verify the shots of the fees. Turns out that in 2000, Romeo started to invest money. its "rooms" are accumulated on the two current accounts: one from 90 thousand euro, with the other 40 thousand. Money used for a variety of policies, including the two-headed Ray in January, six months before the election. Romeo must reconstruct the path of the money and the investment objectives, clarifying what purpose had those "gifts". The suspicion is that they were a guarantee to obtain favors from the beneficiaries, taking into account that in some cases were justified with reasons that are not truthful. The most striking case is that of the ex-girlfriend indicated, instead, as "my daughter". For this reason, after having heard his version, it is possible that prosecutors decide to call the owner to find out how Romeo has justified the choice. Next week it will instead Raffaele Marra, detained for corruption, to be heard on the accusation of abuse of office in concurrence with the Rays for the appointment of his brother Renato.

Marra and Maio. From the prison Marra know, he never had decision-making power, so much so that front but wait for the minidirettorio roman on his appointment to assistant chief of the cabinet “I decided to go away and I consulted with the “Luigi Di Maio”. The meeting evidently had the effect of restraining it. Yesterday, Di Maio said: “Fancy, I have never convinced Raffaele Marra to remain in the Capitol”. In fact, the 1 July, when Roberta Lombardi makes public the concerns on the choice of Marra, Di Maio goes to the Festival of the Work and declares: “Who in recent years has shown good will, expertise and personal history within the administrative machinery, we may give a helping hand.” On 10 September, director de Rt Marco Travaglio, to reveal the contents unpublished interview between the two. And, in fact, writes: “on July 6, Marra asks to speak with Di Ma io that receives it in his office. The former financier brings the usual valigione of documents with all its complaints and for an hour and a half he describes his experience in the regional administration and the city. “If not I convinced that I am here ready with the resignation letter””. The persons concerned do not prove. Marra remains in the Capitol up until the 16th of December last, the day of his arrest.

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