Friday, February 10, 2017

The best and the worst of the third evening of the Sanremo – La stampa

Finally, the songs come back as protagonists. And it was even now. The night cover works great. So great that – at times – we forget that there are also Charles and Mary. Some of the songs, of course, are better. Others definitely do not. The best: Ermal Meta sings Amara terra mia with the continuous change of tone and a great falsetto ending. In short, emotions to a thousand (in fact, wins). And if we talk about emotion is not an emotion, just one that gives Paola Turci referring to the Oxa. Worthy of note is the lady Mannoia, intense and precise during Always and forever. Risky, but definitely articulated version of Lord Lieutenant Masini. Finall y Good, really good in interpreting Lseason of love.


we Come to Mika. Remains locked, behind the door, making worry a little bit Counts. In the end, however, peeps out from the scale. And launches an appeal for lgbt rights. On the stage is a riot of green, blue, and purple. “If someone does not want to accept all the colors of the world”, says the former judge of X Factor – or do you think a rainbow is dangerous. This someone leave without music”. Bravo Mika, let without music (in punishment). He has a remarkable Grace Kelly on the piano. The only sour note: those two handkerchiefs of paper, with which he wipes the sweat (so much sweat). Accounts and leads them around the stage as if between the hands had a poisonous snake. Here is, perhaps, the next time the time of”drying” is kept for the behind-the-scenes.


Good and have a good story to tell the boys of the orchestra Cateura from Paraguay. Play instruments made of tins, tubes, milk and other waste that are in the dump in two steps from the house. The time dedicated to the youngest, also the one designed to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of Zecchino d’oro. The Piccolo Coro dell’antoniano sings a variety of great “little” successes: from tagliatelle di nonna Pina at the crocodile as he does, through Popoff. And in a moment we return, all have eight years.


Annabelle Belmondo and Anouchka Delon walking down the stairs holding her clothes with her hands – obviously to avoid tripping. However, seem to Anastasia and Genoveffa, the step (belle), Cinderella, the their arrive at the grand ball. They mention two songs and that is it. Okay girls, the next, and say hello to grandfather and dad.


Great, indeed the greatest disappointment of the night: Sergio Sylvestre. When he sings black, in the company of the Soul System, it goes completely out of time. Runs behind the melody from the first note. Runs, runs throughout the piece, but nothing. Do not take ever. The winners of the X Factor and the first prize winner of the Friends seem to be on two different planets. On the contrary, seem to be singing two different parts. Sin. We are careful to point out, however, that it is all the fault of a technical problem.

Deboluccia, then, a little bit is all part of the comic. Crozza in the role of Pope Francis, it makes sparks. Its cover is absolutely not the most successful. Finally, Luke and Paul, the more narcotic it funny. In general, the show is too long. In the final part is more a test of endurance than anything else. The times do not come back. It goes too far beyond midnight. Last, but not last consideration: you just have to talk about this candy in the mouth of Mary that tonight is less Queen of the usually). The message is clear: the Accounts over please.


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