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Bending (slightly) the M5S after the mess of Rome. Now it is head-to-head with the Pd – Corriere della Sera

In spite of the many predictions, the events that have hit the Capitol like a tsunami have not had a dramatic effect on the 5-Star Movement, if anything, appear to have made some dent. In reality it was not the events of little account, especially for a political entity that has done to the integrity and honesty of a flag: from the arrest for corruption of Raffaele Marra, one of the main contributors to Virginia’s Rays, to the resignation of the head of his secretariat, Salvatore Romeo, and the deputy mayor, Daniele Frongia; from the survey of recruitment and the appointments made by the mayor, until the rejection of the budget by the Oref, the audit body of the Municipality. Only a few days before the resignation of the councillor for the environment, Paola Muraro, investigated by the public prosecutor of Rome.

serious Facts but reactions contained

they Are events that have aroused much surprise and interest among the italians: in fact, only 9% ignores% and 58% followed in detail or at least in the main facts. The opinions of the italians are divided with respect to what is happening in Rome, with 33% think that both the treaty of inexperience in the political party of Virginia-Rays and of the M5S; 25% considered it to be an accident of the political inevitable in such a difficult reality as that of the Capital, 24% will show more severe and judges the M5S is approved to all the other parties, and lastly, the 18% suspends judgment and is not expressed. Despite the seriousness of the facts romans, half of italians (51%) believes it is more appropriate that Virginia Ray remains in its place of the mayor of the Capital, while 28% is of opposite opinion, and calls for their resignation (especially the voters of the Pd: 45%). The 21% is not expressed, and is a value that is particularly pronounced among the voters of the Alloy (55%) and Forza Italia (45%).

Attitude indulgent

As for the future of the Movement, the italians seem to point to some damage, but nothing irreparable, and only 9% in fact expect an irreversible loss of consent; 24% imagines a difficult period of recovery, 33% believes that it will lose consensus in the short term but the storm will resume, as happened in other circumstances, and 19% think that not suffer any loss of consent. Judging by the voting intentions, the Movement in the last week, marking a decline of 1.5 points and amounted to 30% and a decline all in all content with respect to the flow rate and to the resonance of the facts the romans, who, however, allows the Pd, in recent months, according to the party behind the M5S, to reach them (30.3%). However, at the beginning of September, after the conclamarsi of the difficulties in the summer the council of the Rays, the M5S underwent a decrease of 2%, an indented portion in the following months. And even today there seems to prevail an attitude t hat oscillates between the indulgent (“inexperience”) and the disenchanted (“it is an accident that can happen to anyone”), although not in the assessments more critical.


How do you explain all of this, in a stage characterized by a high level of distrust and sometimes by malice towards the policy? You can advance two hypotheses. The first has to do with the “hallmark” of the Movement, represented by the diversity and integrity. Many voters in order to keep alive the ideals of the principle and the hope of change is taken to diminish the flow of things roman, as in earlier circumstances that caused a sensation, as the mayor of the Fourth, the false signatures collected for the last elections to the municipal of Palermo, passing the output from the Movement of important figures, the mayor of Parma Federico Pizzarotti in the first place. The second refers to the consolidation of a scenario is a three-pole that is stably maintained even after the outcome of the referendum and the establishment of a new government Customers. Despite the disillusionment and the weakening of memberships, including many voters continu e to remain an attitude from fans. And more and more often it is a cheering “against”, which it considers to unbearable opponents and makes it acceptable to the many inconsistencies of his own political party, in disregard of the principle of non-contradiction.


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