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Poletti: “one hundred thousand young people escape? I know people that it’s not good to have the feet” – The Republic

If 100 thousand young people are gone from Italy, “it is not that here were 60 million ‘gun’”. An output intended to discuss, that of the minister of Labour, Giuliano Poletti, in an interview with journalists in Fano. The minister of Labour, who few minutes earlier had defended the Jobs Act of the government and open to the possibility of revising the rules on the voucher, also in the light of the Inps data on their steady growth, has launched the stone on the now age-old question of “brain drain”.

“in the Meantime, he said Poletti – is necessary to correct an opinion according to which those who leave are always the best. If they go 100k, there are 60 million here: it would be to say that 100 thousand of talented and intelligent they are gone and the ones that stayed here are all of the ‘gun’. Allow me to dispute this argument”. And then he added with a stilettata intended to discuss: “I Know people that is gone and that is good that is where it went, because surely this Country will not suffer to not have them more. That said, concluded the minister of Labour, “it is good that our young people have the opportunity to go around Europe and the world. It is an opportunity to make their experience, but they must also have the ability to go back in our Country. We must offer them the opportunity here to express ability, skill, know-how.

his words could not fail to discuss and to return, always through the agency Ansa, arrived in trying to fix the shooting: “Obviously, I expressed myself badly and I apologize. I never dreamed of thinking that it is good for Italy is the fact that young people to go abroad”, said Poletti. “I think, simply, that it is not right to say that to leave our Country to be the best, and that, consequently, all of the others who remain have fewer skills and the quality of the other. I believe, however, that it is useful that our young people can make experiences abroad, but that we have to give them the opportunity to return to our country and to express their ability and their energy.”.

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A couple of months ago, was the then prime minister, Matteo Renzi, to point the finger at the “rhetoric of ” brain drain”, during an intervention in Tuscany. Shortly before leaving for the dinner in the United States with president Barack Obama, speaking from the Scuola Superiore Sant’anna Renzi had attacked: “we do Not continue with the rhetoric of “brain drain”. The central point is that we need to find ways to be attractive.” And again: “we Must open ourselves to international competition, find ways to be attractive.”

REPDATA. The numbers of the Exodus

The fastest to respond to the ‘provocation’ of Poletti – the first of its reversing – was Pippo Civati, who in a note attached: “because the young people voted in their masses ‘no’ to the constitutional referendum, the line of Poletti is the one to make him pay with declarations silly and nostalgic revolutionaries, very low profile as a minister of the Republic”, chiosando with a “low key”. But soon came other words of reproach: “Young people humiliated by the voucher and are insulted by Poletti. Go via him, not the youth,” he tweeted Luigi Di Maio, the M5S. Always on the social, Niki Vendola said reversing against the minister his concept: “it Would be good if we could remove Poletti, from the feet up”. “Resignation” has spoken Stefano Fassina of the Italian Left, while Barbara Saltamartini (the League) has entitled as “offensive and arrogant” the words of the minister.

the brain drain
brain drain
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