Friday, December 23, 2016

The minister Luca Lotti investigated in the affair Consip – The Republic

The new minister Luca Lotti is investigated for the revelation of the secret, and aiding and abetting in the context of the investigation initiated by the Prosecutor’s office of Naples on corruption in Consip. This was reported by the “Daily Fact” (but the Authorization is not confirmed), adding that the dossier containing the alleged crime on the leaks has been withdrawn from the main thread on corruption (that sees the suspects as Alfredo Romeo and the director of Consip Marco Gasparri), and is finished in Rome for territorial jurisdiction and, thus, the prosecutor Giuseppe Pignatone.

Luca Lotti, writes the newspaper, is being investigated as a result of the statements of Louis Brown. “The former commissioner of health of the Region of Tuscany, promoted by Renzi at the head of Consip,” reports the Fact in his examination as a person informed of the facts, he pulled into the dance even the general of the carabinieri Emanuele Saltalamacchia, commander of the Legion of Tuscany, being investigated for the same offence”. To start the investigations that have led you to investigate three people, in addition to Lots and Saltalamacchia, there is also the general commander of the Arma dei carabinieri, Tullio Del Sette, would have been “a reclamation against the bugs”. Approached by the Fact that the minister Luca Lotti to the question: “Have you ever talked about the existence of an investigation on the Consip with Brown?”, he replied: “No.” The commander Saltalamacchia, contacted from the Fact, it does not release t he comments.

The minister responds on Facebook, “I Would have investigated, for the revelations of the secret”, he writes. “This is something that simply does not exist. Don’t do conspiracy theories or controversies. I am, however, returning to Rome to know if the news is true and, in this case, to ask to be heard today. It is a thing that does not exist and I do not want to leave her hanging”.

“After weeks of very intense work between a referendum, a government crisis and the first steps of the new commitment as the minister continues, Lots of them – I had taken a day off for the first

recitation of Gerard, my son. Today, however, a newspaper wrote that I would be investigated for the revelations of the secret office in an investigation that would be investigated, even the Commander general of the carabinieri. We do not run from the investigation: we are at complete disposal for every clarification by the judicial authorities. The truth is stronger than any controversy in the media and I can’t wait to prove it.”

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