Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The capitol, failure to ratify the Budget: “minimize. “Fault management” previous – The Republic

No mea culpa. Officially the directors grillini minimize, blaming the management earlier. But in private the anger seethes: “the four friends at the bar (the name given by the radius of magic to their confidential chat, ndr) they make another figure of m…”. A distance sidereal divide in short, the public statements from those uttered in a closed room in the aftermath of the failure of the Oref< / strong> to maneuver the administration’s Rays.

So, for example, the chairman of the Budget committee Marco Terranova, pleading with the supporters on Facebook: “One stop momentary, so much excellent work done, the rock inherited debt off balance sheet to influence an opinion that is not favorable. But we do not give up and we try with all our efforts to overcome this phase. Only for the romans and Rome. From now on we will work just on the off-balance sheet liabilities in order to remedy what has been done in the past.”

The same line adopted to warm by the leader of the M5S Paul Ferrara, who, immediately after the rejection of the budget had censored the exultation of the opposition (“shameless”) and defendant the errors of the “heavy legacy of the past”.

climber mirrors the reasoning of Angel Diary, an official from the Mef and the president of the commission Sport: “in the meanwhile you should highlight that in its opinion, the auditors have evaluated positively the fiscal policy inspired by the principles of prudence adopted by the entity”. While the reliefs on the negative – minimize the counselor cricket – concern the failure of the “spaces of public finance required to respect the financial balance in relation to the needs that could be compared to the recognition of off-balance sheet liabilities”.

The difficulties arise then from off-balance sheet liabilities, that is, for example, by the costs arising from the payment requests of the suppliers that are not recognized by the municipality (on the basis of multi-year contracts that do not have concluded with the current

government), and from the financial statements of the investee companies, which have cost pharaonic.
In recent months we have been criticized by the opposition for the excessive rigour of some of his choices, that instead, today, the Oref says still not be sufficient. With any other government, then, the opinion would have been even more negative. Criticateci everything, but, please, try to do so with objectivity. The alternative scenarios, believe me, are the worst”.

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