Saturday, December 17, 2016

Bertola: are a cricket of the first hour, but tomorrow I will be ejected from the 5 star Movement – The Republic

New expulsions in the house 5 Stars? You will see on a Sunday evening, when you called the meeting a citizen of the Motion that the order of the day has the "expulsion" of the former city councillor Vittorio Bertola. A cricket the first time, a candidate for mayor in 2011 of the M5S. To make it known is the same as Bertola on Facebook with a long post where he announces that he will not be in the assembly, but in Germany for a journey between work and pleasure, and reels off a series of criticisms. Not so much about the deportation: “to be honest, you do as you feel more right, I didn’t care much”, he writes. Claims, if anything, to keep the "breath on the neck" on the new administration M5S “as I did with Fassino and Chiamparino. A boast of the past of the M5S”.

The former director stresses of find it strange that “in a city full of problems, after a few months of the administration of five stars is certainly not exciting, the most pressing concern of the movement in Turin is to expel a person who in fact already no longer participates”. And from this non-participation, apart from the criticism that Bertola does not fail to publish on facebook, comes the request for expulsion is made by an activist and a councillor of the borough. “The request that I think Clare did not know anything,” he says at the Bottom.

The ex-director thinks that activists should take care of the other. What? The promises made before the election and now, so quickly set aside”. Or “strange maneuvers on the appointment or of the lucrative private business arising from the generous concessions of the new administration,” writes referring to “Christmas with snowflakes”. And that gives you the right to careful Osvaldo Napoli, of Forza Italia, to present an interpellation to know if the mayor intends to sue Bertola for this statement.

Bertola also attacks “the fire propaganda”, like the one on the fact that Turin has climbed 20 points to the ranking of the quality of life of the Sun 24 hours on the administration of 5 Stars. “Can’t be defended all regardless only because it comes from ‘us’," she stresses at the Bottom that is reminiscent of the beginning.

The post follows a long debate between those who defend Bertola (there are many), and the attacker ( a few). Some of the municipal councillors,

as Francesco Sicari, Monica Love and Massimo Giovara, are lining up to defend the Bottom. “To propose the expulsion is an error of gigantic – writes Giovara – I Hope in a rethinking of the activists, these same activists, however, strongly criticize (and I have all the right) the work of the committee. The executive, however, has not been chosen, nor activists, nor by the candidates. I do not understand why Bertola not the candidate”.

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