Friday, December 16, 2016

Saviano: Virginia Ray, and the duty to step back – The Republic

IT IS DIFFERENT when you declare to be different, but when you are acting otherwise. Choosing Marra, Virginia, Ray has not acted differently from his predecessors. The arrest of the faithful of the mayor, the man who has defended countless times from July to today, resisting even to the stress of Beppe Grillo, that he would have wanted its removal, shows once more that the king is naked. The arcadia idealized by the Movement does not exist, has never existed. The few months of administration Rays in Rome are enough to make us realize how the M5S is fragile. A complaint that you are raising, even on the inside, as demonstrated by the climate, which is burning the comparison between the different currents of the roman and parliamentarians.

The Movement, unfortunately for his constituents and for the many italians who have given him confidence in the test and the referendum, in the absence of organizational rules and selection of precise and recognisable, in other words, the democratic rules, is highlighting another of its limitations, is perhaps the most disturbing: it is a movement that is scalable. Can be grabbed by anyone and, as those who critique the lot the purge, it fails to mature in an internal growth which makes it more robust and less contradictory in their choices and behaviour.

This is what happened in Rome, where the right close to the environments of Forza Italia and the ex-mayor Gianni Alemanno has in fact occupied. Beppe Grillo knows it well, she is perfectly aware of it, but so far has not been able to recognize it publicly – maybe not even with his closest collaborators – because it would mean raising the white flag, admit that the creature does not have sufficient antibodies to ward off that organised groups can infiltrate in its fluid structures and take power, using the good faith of the voters. The starting point of this line of reasoning, even if I expect the militants to give me the servant of the Pd, is this: the good faith of those who have chosen and voted for the Cinquestelle. And this is the reason why, if the M5S does not want to squander the human capital and the political, accumulated in these years, must be new rules. Must agree to practice democracy in their internal if you want to ask and demand the same democracy to th e outside, to the institutions and the other political forces of the Country.

One consequence seems to me inevitable. Virginia Ray must resign (or autosospendersi up to a clarification of the judiciary) because he linked his fate to that of Raffaele Marra. Because he has strenuously defended when many, even among those of his Movement, have pointed out the embarrassing continuity of Marra’s experiences administrative previous. Ray has an ethical obligation that derives from the tricolour, which was delivered after the election victory. Must show understanding of up to the last fold of what it means to be the Mayor of the most important cities of the Country and its reflection in the world. Must take charge of its own political responsibility and civil. Must give account of his choices to the citizens, not only those that have voted for her. Must give an account to those citizens who today discover who is Marra: a pawn is immovable on his team and in his administration. Because Marra is not – as you wanted to believe in a marginal figure. Marra i s the administration Rays. Marra is Virginia’s Rays. He passed all the most important decisions of the mayor. A mayor who, at best, has not been able to read and interpret the complexity of the real world. She and 5stars to the proof of the facts so far have failed. That’s why it is the case that Rays steps the hand. Put your head in the sand, this Cricket should know this, it would lead to a worst disaster. When I asked (and am still convinced) resigned for conflict of interest of the minister Maria Elena Woods, I was accused of being a cricket. I was literally massacred by the Pd and the whole of his people together at the stazione Leopolda in those days. Yet those miss resignation marked the beginning of the inglorious end of the renzismo. Who today denies doing it for convenience.

The situation of our Country is disastrous, we have worked primarily to appearances and very little to the substance. The story of Beppe Room in Milan, shows how the government has risked a lot to delegate all its diversity to the Anac (the national Authority of anti-corruption), as being not a power of attorney, not being able neither to investigate nor to investigate, grants his blue sticker (like we did on Expo) to events and situations that may not be well known, until the bottom, giving more of a rating to the media in real. Now the investigation Expo is likely to throw a light ambiguous on the Anac, making it yet another operation of the façade of the government Renzi. The hope is that it is able to escape the role of someone who is confined to baptize the good and the bad of public administration and seek to return to its functions of prevention and analysis.

After the arrest of Marra, accuse me again of being in the pay of the democratic Party. I also ask all those who attack me: what are your present and your future? What will you respond to your children when they ask you where were you when there was the need to stop to think? To understand, only to understand. Nothing more. The people who criticize can not be considered an enemy to eradicate. We can continue to think in this way? The Pd says, “if you do not support Renzi aid Salvini and Grillo and the M5S “if you criticize the management-Rays you want to return to Rome in the hands of those who have allowed the Mafia Capital”. Settle on these positions destroys any possibility of debate, it reduces ideas to a clash between the teams. And yet Marra is the demonstration that the policy, even that of Motion, which arises as a radically new must always compete (and ally) with the mechanisms of exchange, influence, and opportunism. Administer it is very difficult, to really change you have to be cautious and know how to listen. Because in the face of political tests (not judicial) of the continuity between Marra and Alemanno (Marra signed – as told by the journalist of the Espresso Emiliano Fittipaldi – contracts for the millionaires in favour of Fabrizio’s Love, a builder accused of criminal conspiracy) of the Rays, has continued to defend it? Perhaps the reason is simple: the figures as Marra guarantee votes, bureaucratic control, influence, relationship with real estate entrepreneurs. You can discuss all this without being accused of being conspirators against the new? Those insults do not think. Be free, different, dissident is not an aspiration easy. But we should never stop trying.


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