Thursday, December 15, 2016

The also say the ministers: we Gentiloni home soon – the Journal

A government that is born for the fall. To the point that it says more or less clear of the majority shareholder, Matteo Renzi. That even having taken a few days of rest away from Rome, does not fail to call compulsively parliamentarians and journalists to let him know that “you must go to a vote before the summer”. Him to the government there is, at least formally. Unlike Giuliano Poletti, who by the massacre of the bon-ton institutional, does not hesitate to say that the intention of the infant executive is “to go vote early, so before the referendum on the Jobs Act”. That said by the minister of Labour in the corridors of the Senate, just as Paolo Gentiloni is asking in the classroom and the confidence to the new government a certain impression the ago. Not only because the end of the race of which you speak, Poletti is just around the corner, at the latest, June. But, above all, because the minister of Labour puts in black and white with the intention o f the executive to boycott a popular consultation – the one on the Jobs Act – requested by over three million italians (many are, at least, the signatures deposited by the Cgil). In short, certainly not the best card, for a government, newly-born, and even before receiving the trust is already in the eye of the storm for a long series of gaffes: the incredible goal of “promoting” Maria Elena Woods, and Angelino Alfano, the curriculum taroccato of neoministra of Education, Valeria fedeli.

A government, in short, only 48 hours from the oath to the Quirinale, is already in total chaos. A bit because Renzi has understood that the impuntatura of the Woods that wanted to stay at Palazzo Chigi, at all costs, has undermined his step back. If the leader of the Pd has stood up to the pressures of Sergio Mattarella, who asked for a Renzi-bis, in fact, it was more to mark a discontinuity, which none perceives, to the point that in the Parliament and the network is irony on shadow government: “Gentilrenzi”, “Renziloni” or “Gentilcloni”. And this is mainly due to the fault of the Woods. But, as explained yesterday, the former president of the Council in his telephone conversations, “there was no way, Maria Elena did not want to listen to reason”. But it is not only the premier, so to speak, the shadow to show signs of impatience, seeing that many of the ministers are already on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Angelino Alfano, to name one. That despite the unexpected promotion at the foreign ministry could not react angry when, during his speech in the hall of the Senate, the league Stefano Candiani invites him provocatively to “take English lessons”.

This, then, is the climate and surreal that reigns at Palazzo Chigi. With Poletti, who scored the last, incredible own goal. It is true that the Jobs Act is the only bulwark of the renzismo still standing, and that in all probability another referendum would have similar numbers to that of the 4th of December. But to certify that the intention of the government is to vote first so as to boicottarlo – consultation you should keep between 15 April and 15 June, but any election would slip by 2018 – is, to say the least by men. The demonstration was not only a total absence of strategy, but also a certain sense of confusion. On the other hand, if there had been a little bit more of clarity, the same Customers would have avoided to say during his speech in the Senate that the objective of the government is “completing the reform”. It is precisely the most important of these reforms is, in fact, that the italians were soundly rejected only ten days ago.


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