Friday, December 16, 2016

The “pitchforks” attack the former deputy Naples – the Journal

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty”. The phrase of Bertolt Brecht appears in evidence on the page Facebook of the movement of the “Pitchforks”. And the rest of the words, in the era of social networks, they are goods without a price, within the reach of anyone is enabled to copy and paste. And, in fact, the same abused slogan appears on a flyer that Fiom and on a tweet from the former minister of Cultural Heritage Massimo Bray, to say. There is rest assured, none of these citazionisti brechtiani will make the revolution.

But some members of the movement of Pitchforks, yesterday, responsible for a gesture that manages to combine in equal measure, charlatanism and violence. But that is also a case study of the troubling evolution of the relationship between politics and the public square. The episode is fully documented by video cameras and mobile phones of passers-by. We are in Rome, in via degli uffici del Vicario, two steps from the entrance to the offices of the parliamentary groups of the Chamber. Osvaldo Napoli, a city councillor in Turin and former parliamentarian of Forza Italia, is releasing an interview to a tv. A group headed by a man tall and burly approaches him asking him to listen to the reading of a document, while others take away the passers-by not to “impallare” the camera: the intention of obtaining an event “social”, to shoot and to turn on the web, it is obvious. Naples is caught by surprise, the niche a bit, but initially does not shy away from the insi stence of the handpiece. “I was thinking of a joke”, he says. Instead, the big man begins to read a text in the style of the judgment, citing articles of the criminal code and “usurpation of political power”, and gradually raises his voice and starts screaming “I declare under arrest”, calls for the arrival of a “maresciallo dei carabinieri”, and then another man takes her arm from Naples wriggles only with the help of a policeman and escapes. Meanwhile, in front of the cameras scene is the chaos, people yelling “arrestateli all”, a woman who urges: “Take” with the police officers who try to keep the most troubled. A mise-en-scène painful, just in front of the headquarters of the highest democratic institution. At the end will be reported 4 people for resistance to a public official and the other 11 for an unauthorized demonstration.

fortunately, everything ends in a few minutes, without serious physical consequences to Naples. The Parliament reaches a solidarity cross, not only by the comrades of the party and the centre-right, but also from the president of the Chamber Laura Boldrini and the Pd. “Behold the fruits of the campaign the populist mold cricket”, says Stefano Esposito. And the more someone follows him in connection with the party of “vaffa”. Also from the M5s, however, comes a note of solidarity: “The legitimate protests directed towards this political class cannot and must not lead to violent attitudes”.

“I’m fine, mind you I kept the nerves but it could also end badly,” says Naples, who is not playing the part of victim, but don’t underestimate: “The target was hardly my modest person but the policy and it is this side of disturbing”. And, while cashing in solidarity, Naples escapes the temptation to simplify and note that the climate violent is not new to these days “, and in the many we have helped to create it”. On the page Facebook of the “Pitchfork, December 9,” the Five Stars are often mentioned with sympathy. About movement a couple of years ago filled the squares turns a galaxy of micro-acronyms whose common trait is the sectarianism. A discomfort only in part intercepted by the grillismo that the policy would do well not to underestimate.


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