Monday, December 26, 2016

Killed on the strips by a car pirate: died at the age of 28 on the night of Christmas – Corriere della Sera


Killed on the strips by a car pirate
he Died in 28 years, was with boyfriend

the loss of life Elena Boscolo. The investor of 24 years collapses in front of the police: they are fled for fear.

Elena, overwhelmed and murdered on the night of Christmas

VENICE A young man of 28 years, Elena Boscolo, was hit and killed in the night between Saturday and Sunday by a car pirate while the boyfriend was crossing the street on a crosswalk in Sottomarina di Chioggia (Venice). The boy remained injured, but not serious. The investor, a young man of the place driving a Citroen bianca, after escaping he then returned to walk at the crash site, mingling among the crowd of onlookers, perhaps to understand if the rescuers had some element on the auto pirate.

But his nervousness is not escaped to the police, who after a few questions realized that it probably had something to do with the accident. At the end the guy, a 24-year-old, has admitted his responsibility, explaining that he was to be fled in fear. Has been denounced for murder of the road and wrongful death. The military of the Weapon are now working to ascertain the exact dynamic of the accident, and check with the toxicological tests the mental and physical state of the driver at the time of the crash.


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