Thursday, December 15, 2016

Investigation appointments Rays: searches in the Capitol. The mayor: “Nothing to hide” – The Republic

get to the heart of the inquiry concerning the appointments in the Capitol approved by the government of the Rays in the first five months of the government. Yesterday, a group of officers in middle-class of the Guardia di finanza is presented at the Palazzo Senatorio to get all the documents, including opinions and determine on the compensation related to the assumptions made by the mayor of Rome. A large number of acts, carried away in a series of boxes, which will now be put at the disposal of the judicial authorities. Probably to be included in the file, still no suspected or alleged crime, open in consequence of the exposed presented by the former chief of the cabinet Carla Roman Raineri.

In the viewfinder there would be, above all, the appointment of Salvatore Romeo< / strong>, the city official close to the five-star hotel after the victory of the administration is put on leave from the Capitol to be summarized by the same authority to triple the salary as head of the secretariat, the policy of the mayor. Recruitment was already judged to be abnormal by the authority for anti-Corruption led by Raffaele Cantone. Therefore in the day where the Cricket landed in the capital to face yet another “case Rome” open the by the resignation of the councilor for the Environment, Paola Muraro which has been delivered a notice of guarantee, in the offices of the Town entered the Finance for the order of the power of Attorney.

“Searches? Nothing to hide. Viriginia Rays entrusts to a tweet, his first comment – I have put in the documents required in absolute serenity”. “This story is taking on tones ridiculous – then add the mayor during the press conference on the investments – The judiciary will work, are the acts that are due, and it is folly to think that we are not ready to co-operate with the judicial authorities.

“Is ‘cute’ that all this has been done by the former chief of the Cabinet, which was appointed with a procedure that I considered illegitimate, so much so that I asked for an opinion from the Anac. I wanted to use another procedure, instead I was proposed to use the former article 110.

I asked an opinion to the Anac, and Anac has ruled, establishing this forcing to which I had been induced on the basis of an opinion is different from the previous ones of the Attorney”, concluded Ray.

reactions. “The check he had asked for the 5 Star Movement. I’m quiet. What interests us is that you face clarity as soon as possible”, said the deputy M5S Alessandro Di Battista.

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