Sunday, December 25, 2016

Cable car stuck in Cervinia for the strong wind: except for the 153 skiers trapped for seven hours – The Republic

it took more than seven hours to safely bring all the 153 skiers blocked from the afternoon of today on the cable car Plan Maison-Cime bianche laghi due to the strong wind that did pass the cables of the ski lifts, just as it did in September on the Monte Bianco.

a helicopter of the society of flight swiss Air Zermatt night-flight enabled was employed in the operations. The wind, which in the first phase of the operation has slowed the relief effort, he lost strength, and this has enabled the use of aircraft in support to the rescuers who have been involved in the way of acrobatics from the ground by climbing on the pylons and attached to a suspension cable, they have reached the roof and entered through the trapdoor. Then they imbragato people with a winch have fallen to the ground.

once recovered, the passengers of the cable car have been made to board of snowmobiles and conducted to the station of Plan Maison. There have been reported downstream from the plants. All were in good physical condition. Only one case of slight difficulty for a girl not a skier and that he had footwear inappropriate shoes, but she fixed everything in a matter of a few minutes from the arrival to the point of advanced medical and refreshments.

there were more than 150 men of the alpine rescue of the guardia di finanza, forestry, civil protection and the fire brigade engaged in operations.. “I Was on the chairlift Cretaz when, suddenly, he raised a strong wind. It was about 15.30. In the many years that I’ve come to Cervinia, I have never seen such a thing,” said Edilio Colaotto, tourists of Genoa, which for many years he worked in the mountains of the Aosta Valley. “Snow drifts raised by the wind we were up against, he added,” I Was on the chairlift with another skier who is clinging to the seat while the gusts made us sway. The chairlift stopped continuously, at the end, when we arrived at the summit, they closed the plant. I went down to the valley because it was not possible to ski”.

A similar episode had occurred in September, with the gondola lift from Aiguille du Midi and Punta Hellbronner on the French side of Mont Blanc. In that case, a failure forced a hundred people to spend the night in the open suspended

in a vacuum. The scenario of Cervinia is presented, however, different, at least for some aspects. The word of the expert. “Some of the cabins in the French are not accessible from the ground, so you can evacuate without a helicopter. In Cervinia, the situation is different, the plant is able to reach from the ground,” explained the marshal Maximilian Giovannini, in command of the station of the alpine Rescue of the Guardia di Finanza of Cervinia.

the cable car breuil-Cervinia
the gondola to Plan Maison
the gondola lift from Aiguille du Midi to Punta Hellbronner
Mont Blanc
Cretaz chair-lift
valle d’aosta
Adriano Favre
Edilio Colaotto


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