Sunday, December 25, 2016

Chile, earthquake of magnitude 7.6 – the Journal

A earthquake of magnitude safe 7.6 has struck in the 11,22 (15,22 Italian time) on the chilean coast 20 km south-west of Puerto Quelon, the very tip of Isla Grande in 1.284 km from Santiago, Chile, triggering, according to the Servicio Hidrografico and Oceanographic service of the army, but not the centre of the tsunami in the Pacific – a warning tidal wave. The hypocenter (the exact point where it is verified the fracture in the earth’s crust) has been identified to a depth of 33 km.

this is stated in the Geological Institute of the Usa (Usgs), that news of another tremor of 5.4 degrees on the Richter scale occurred on 21 minutes before in Chile, but much further north, 147 km from Iquique, 1,480 km north of the capital.According to the seismological center of the national University of Chile, the quake was felt at 11.01 (15.01 in Italy) and its epicenter was located 28 kilometres south-east of Quellon to 1.284 km from Santiag, Chile. The hydrographic service and oceonografico of the army, the chilean has warned of a possible tsunami in the area.

After the earthquake, a warning the tsunami, the authorities have ordered the evacuation of the coastal area of Los Lagos, Dona Sebastian. As A precautionary measure, the ruling also concerns the regions of Biobio, la Araucania, Los Rios. Not rislta at the time any wounded.

In the afternoon, however, was revoked for the entire coastal area of chile the alert tsunami issued after the quake. No record of the victims or the injured. Remember that Chile is one of the states that has the highest seismicity and so well organized. On the 16th of September 2016 an earthquake of 8.3 degrees on the Richter scale followed by a tsunami struck the north of the Country killing 15 people. In 2010, another earthquake of 8.8 magnitude, followed by a tsunami, killed more than 500 people. But in Chile, there was the strongest earthquake ever recorded: 9.5 degrees on the Richter scale on 22 may 1960 in Valdidivia and it was only thanks to the fact that hit a sparsely populated area, it caused the ‘solò 3,000 victims


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