Friday, December 16, 2016

Rome, portrait of Raffaele Marra: the Rasputin of the Capitol – The Republic

He had amassed so much power, Raffaele Marra, in the shadow of Virginia’s Rays, to gain since the dawn of the adventure grillina to the government of Rome, the appellation, not really flattering, but certainly eloquent, the Rasputin of the Capitol. The Russian monk who influenced the politics and military of the Tsar Nicholas II had, in fact, borrowed not only the ability to address all of the strategic decisions of the municipal administration, prompter and adviser to the prince of the mayor of the capitol, but also the goatee brown that has started to grow as soon as it ascended to the role of vice-chief of cabinet.

Nothing but the first step of a career far more brilliant, for the ambitious leader, landed at the palazzo Senatorio in 2008, following in the footsteps of Gianni Alemanno, and the powerful former treasurer Franco Panzironi, now in the process of Mafia Capital. Aims, however, have lost it, pushing him to act – thanks to a mayor who has always defended – as an absolute monarch, able to decide the life and death of aldermen (Marcello Minenna) and “colleagues” (from judge Carla Raineri, who was his boss, and to the many municipal purged). A power unexplained and unchallenged that has begun to falter, only when the base grillina began to mugugnare, with Roberta Lombardi arrived even to define it, in mid – September- before yet another storm on the appointment – “the virus that has infected the movement.”

Marra, however, and with her Virginia-Rays, remained impassive. And, above all, immovable. The right transferred, but only as a pro forma to guide the Department’s Staff, another box the fundamental, whose powers are among the other left-in-chief to the mayor. Which, if this weren’t enough, in the course of a dramatic meeting with the members of the majority who demanded the head, he snapped in a peremptory fashion: “If you go Marra, I hereby resign myself.”

born in 1972, Marra was born in the military of the Guardia di Finanza. The last of three brothers, Castle, and Renato, they also enlisted in the “Fiamme Gialle”, then the whole family was abandoned. School at the Nunziatella of Naples, a variety of degrees in subjects legal-economics, join the ranks of Finance in 1991. Where, however, incurs a series of incidents, also related to his unbridled passion for airplanes, which earn the distrust of the vertices. He then decided to change the air, and in 2006 – thanks to the good offices of monsignor Giovanni D’ercole, the present bishop of Ascoli – access to the court of rome, Gianni Alemanno, the minister of Agriculture. The racks for a bit, then he wins a contest at the Centre for research in agriculture, which depends on the ministry, then went on with the Merge directed by Franco Panzironi. They conquered the Capitol in 2008, the recruit as a municipal officer.

For a few damage, it’s all right, Marra directs the Department of Heritage and Home, but the urge, it feels underutilized, yesterday and today points to the cabinet of the mayor of rome gianni Alemanno, however, the timekeeper, he was to say later that he didn’t like “his delusions of leadership”. The manager takes it and, in 2010, goes away in the RAI, assistant director-general Mauro Masi. Once again, the centre-right is the key that opens all the doors. Even here, however, takes a little. And in 2011, arrives in the Regjone Lazio led by Renata Polverini with an assignment from the head of department, immediately contested by the interior, which will cost well as an investigation of the Court of auditors. Unfortunately, the adventure of the former union leader Ugl stops and Marra must be back in the Capitol.

but, and we are at the summer of 2013, the elections, wins the pd Ignazio Marino, and he is confined to a marginal position: equipped therefore to the resistance, asks for the expectation and for two years held a phd in Salerno. Without, however, renouncing to sniff at the air. Together to Salvatore Romeo, official

the municipal in the meantime become a great friend of his, the tip of the 4 directors Cinquestelle then in the opposition: above all, Daniele Frongia, now deputy mayor, and Virginia Ray. Them provides a series of documents to put in difficulty the majority of the centre-left and denounce the waste of the Capitol. Was born a partnership that, this summer, will carry the yoke of the command of the capital of Italy. The Rasputin of the Capitol.


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