Friday, December 23, 2016

Grillina: “Terrorist killed? A murder”. Salvini replied: “I want coffee..” – the Newspaper

A blizzard policy unleashed by the words of the counselor grillina in Biella, Antonella Buscaglia. On his profile on Facebook, in fact, the former candidate for mayor, and the parent company to the municipal council, has criticised those who consider a victory, the death of a terrorist.

The killing of Most is a omocidio

harsh Words that have immediately caused the reaction of the indignant of the Northern League. “For me, the agents are the heroes and the terrorists of the beasts,” he had retorted James Moscarola on Facebook. But the grillina, not happy, had defined “murder” the killing of Most part of the cops. The provincial secretary of the Carroccio, Michael Moscow, he condemned harshly: “Declaration aberrant – told the Newspaper.en – we cannot forget that we are talking about a killer and the police who do their duty, on the other. Calderoli was forced to resign for a simple t-shirt, Buscaglia proves to be inadequate, and siding with the terrorists draw the necessary conclusions“.

The response of Matteo Salvini

But the replication and the harder is got from Matteo Salvini on his page of Facebook with a long post: “The parent company, and former candidate for mayor of the Movement 5 Star hotel in Biella, Antonella Buscaglia, wrote this today on FB “does not justify the terrorist but it is always a man… it irritates me anyone who enjoys the MURDER of another man… a life is a life… the wounded policeman is as if it was an accident on the job… I read Post of people that enhance the two policemen who have ONLY done their duty… now they are straincazzata, mavaffanculovà!” Precisely dear grillina, fuck! Ricoveratela”.


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