Thursday, December 15, 2016

Ruby ter, pm Milan ask the gup process on Berlusconi: “he Has corrupted the witnesses” – Il fatto Quotidiano

The Prosecutor’s office of Milan is asking to process Silvio Berlusconi. The prosecutor added Peter Oven, and pm Tiziana Siciliano and Luca Gaglio have confirmed, in front of the gup Charles Brass De Marchi, the request for referral for trial of the former premier accused of corruption in judicial proceedings and in the proceedings the so-called 'Ruby ter'.

Today, the preliminary hearing charged the prime minister has allocated 'from scratch'. Already on 29 April, in fact, the pm had asked in front of the gup Marchiondelli to send to trial the former Knight and the other defendants, but then last October 3, the position of Berlusconi was removed for health reasons. Berlusconi, in fact, had scheduled a period of care in New York in the United States, for heart problems. Hospitalization, followed by two controls at the San Raffaele hospital of Milan. The court had deferred to the judgment, the young moroccan and the other 22 defendants.

At the heart of the story there are the alleged false testimony from the Olgettine and other guests of the evenings of Arcore. For the deputy prosecutor Pietro Forno and colleagues Tiziana Siciliano and Luca Gaglio, Silvio Berlusconi would have corrupted his guests with 10 million euros for them to make statements favorable to him to the processes in Ruby and Ruby bis on revels at red lights Villa San Martino. The decision of the gup Brass de Marchi on the request to send to the process, Berlusconi will arrive in a future hearing, yet to be determined. At the hearing today, in fact, was not present for the advocate Franco Coppi, engaged in Rome in the process the Mafia Capital, but it was in the classroom only his colleague Federico Cecconi. The preliminary hearing will then be adjourned to allow the lawyer of the former premier to take the word in the classroom before the judge’s decision.

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