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Gentiloni, launched by Renzi, to the task. The former premier: “In 1000 days worked wonders” – The Republic

ROME. A foot outside Palazzo Chigi, the boxes really be ready in the chaos of a presidential suite. Matteo Renzi feels that the match was won on the successor. “You can’t say publicly, but will be Gentiloni. Is closed”, he says to his guests. “I know that president Mattarella still thinks in my bis. But he figured that it would accept. Of the rest, consultations speak for themselves. The 5-star ask the government resigning until January, others point to a executive legislature without me. A casino the absolute, which only makes me want to send everyone to that country. The bis is impossible”.

Renzi spring seat in the head of the government. “They are quiet, very quiet”, he repeats a little too many times. Now you open a new game. With the Pd, with the Parliament and perhaps with the Hill. The words of Sergio Mattarella, allow to understand that it could have a different outcome from that envisioned by the prime minister. The executive who was born and has no expiration date, you must think the international appointments, you must manage a new electoral law that is not only a grade but should be in harmony with the systems of voting of the house and Senate. Are the poles of the Quirinal. Problems for Renzi? Vote early more difficult to achieve? “The president has said only the things of sense. The G7 of Taormina in may? But of course, you should organize a government, true. In its full functions. The real question is another: then we vote in June or you go until the end of the legislature?”.

The post Renzi on Facebook and Twitter: “my true resignation”

On the question posed by the secretary of the Pd, there is of course the temptation to close early at the games of the Gentiloni 1. “We have the same position of Forza Italia: go to vote as soon as possible”, explains the former premier, assuming that the side of Berlusconi, later. The electoral law is the open front which can lengthen the time. But, according to Renzi, not so much complicated to break. “You’re right, Mattarella – insists in speaking to the faithful -. After the judgment of the council, we will have an election law for the Chamber with a barrier of 3 percent, and one in the Senate with the threshold to 8. I say evil, but with a proportional and threshold at the 5 percent you can close a deal “. It will go so smooth? “The reasoning is common sense. But if there is no agreement, then we go to the polls. Without correcting the thresholds”.
Vote early, therefore, remains the mantra of the U. And the indication of the Gentiloni is the daughter of this final objective. The sprint imposed in the aftermath of the heavy defeat in the referendum, that is, the hypothesis of rate, “February”, it was needed, tell the to check out, to reach the final outcome today or tomorrow. “If we had not acted in that way, today, Franceschini would already be sitting at the Chigi Palace”. As if to say: we would have a premier, much less a friend, much more autonomous. And early elections would be a mirage in the desert.

Outside Palazzo Chigi, however, is less controllable. Even a trusted person such as Paolo Gentiloni, renziano of the first hour but with its political history. But has ended his presidency, Renzi he does understand drafting a budget. Positive, of course, from his point of view. In his words it becomes more clear that the defeat on Sunday is a tough one to swallow. “I’m giving a great demonstration of style and dignity. I go away for a matter of face, not to lose it”. Not because the italians have rejected the reform. But especially not because of him and his measures were to fail.

Now that the reform is trashed, the ex-premier laments not the failure to abolish the Cnel or the Senate of autonomies, but the goals of its executive, “of which no one has ever spoken or, better, that no one has ever deepened. I am preparing a detailed report about my the thousand days”. Renzi shakes his head: “We have done a lot. A true miracle in a thousand days. I did vote for the civil unions to the catholics, I did vote for the Jobs act, which gave the important fruits, to the left. They were masterpieces “. The time of the greetings and the passing of the bell remains difficult. The idea of not to give up, there has been, to guide the Country to elections, to give him finally a government chosen by the citizens, has had credit in the rooms renziane. “I am going away, really a matter of personal dignity. For the numbers of the referendum is not for those of the Parliament. Berlusconi has left because his majority was chopped up, the Mighty are b ack to Bologna because the took away trust. I’m going away after you got 173 votes in the Senate, three days ago, on the law of the financial statements.

Get on the road again is his watchword. On 18 December the national assembly will be convoked a congress of the democratic Party. Early also the one. Christmas will be only a parenthesis in the desire of revenge of Renzi, to whom in Pd. With a lot of calm talk of a road map that will again be grueling, but it will serve to relaunch it. “I have the holidays until the Epiphany. And the 10th of January begins my campaign for congress. The congress we can do it in two months”. With the support of the current, thanks to a new pact with Franceschini has led to the creation of the government, Renzi feels to have a large victory in his pocket. The opponents do not seem ready to respond. Still don’t have a line, they do not have a leader. Their success in the referendum has to turn into a Pyrrhic victory. But the problem of Renzi, that can be seen from his words, is the relationship with the Country. The “miracles” of the thousand days that it’s not enou gh.


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