Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Gentiloni to the Senate for the trust – Corriere della Sera

After the trust first Chamber (368 yes and 105 no), the government of Paolo Gentiloni today introduced in the Senate his “government of responsibility”. The senate, however, the numbers are closer. After the verification of the quorum, the Senate Hall has opened the sedut, began with the discussion on the communications of the president of the Council, who will speak in reply to 13. Follow the statements of the vote and, from 15, the first “call” for the vote. Gentiloni is in the hall of the Senate, the minister of the P. a. Marianna Madia, the minister of Health Beatrice Lorenzin, the minister for southern italy Claudio De Vincenti, the Italian minister of Agriculture Maurizio Martina, the minister of Regional Affairs, Enrico Costa, the minister of Infrastructure, Graziano Delrio, the minister for Sport Luca Lotti. The benches of the opposition are only semi-desert. Absent , for the moment, the M5S and the League. A few of the attendees, including the senators of Forza Italy.


Gentiloni congratulated Obama, who praises the commitment on growth and jobs. Meanwhile, the United States, came the congratulations for the new premier and his government. In a note, the Obama administration reiterated that “Italy is one of our closest partners and more strong, and it is an indispensable partner in the promotion of democratic ideals and the promotion of international cooperation”.

“common Goals”

The president of the Usa “welcomes the commitment of the new Italian premier “to improve the Italian economy and create jobs” and “is looking forward to working together to advance common objectives, including the promotion of sustainable economic growth and inclusive growth and the strengthening of global security”.


best Wishes to Gentiloni also by Vladimir Putin: Kremlin, quoted by Interfax you know that “Putin has encountered in Russia, Gentiloni is known as a supporter of the development of constructive relations of mutual advantage between Russia and Italy, and has confirmed the availability of an active joint work to enhance the whole complex of bilateral ties as well as the coordination of efforts in the solution of topical issues of the european agenda and the global”.

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