Saturday, December 10, 2016

Rome, the “round of bribes to steer contracts on the fields of the rom”: 13, process.

During the investigation, the investigators had recorded at least nine deliveries of the bribes, which took place without major precautions within the municipal offices. The gup of Rome has referred to the judgment of 13 people for the hypothesized lap of bribes (money, recruiting, and other utilities) related to the assignment of jobs in some of the camps of Rome. It is a parallel investigation to that of Mafia Capital. Via free also four settlements. Committed for trial, among others, officials of the social policies department of the Municipality, entrepreneurs and other public officials. The process has been set for 19 April in front of the eighth penal section. In the process, established the civil part of the Mu nicipality of Rome on a request filed by the lawyer Enrico Greater of advocacy internal to the entity.

Among the committed for trial Emanuela Salvatori, an official in the Capitol who has already been sentenced to 4 years for his business with the ras of the coop Salvatore Buzzi. The pm challenge, depending on the locations and events that occurred between late 2013 and march 2014 offences of corruption, false and bid rigging. The judge Simonetta D’alessandro has ratified the settlements for the entrepreneur Massimo Colangelo, the penalty is two years ‘ imprisonment and the payment of 40 thousand euros, Roberto Chierici, director of two cooperatives, which has bargained a sentence of 3 years and 5 months and a payment of 75 thousand euro, Eliseo De Luca, the officer of the municipal police (2 years and 9 months in addition to the payment of 50 thousand euro), and Joseph Sesto, director of a company involved, which has settled 1 year and 6 months.

In the papers of the investigation, the investigators were entered into the details of the various donations indicted. Saviors would have received by Roberto the Clerics, director of cooperatives "Saro" and "Ralam" a tranche "the 3,200, and, in the other eight occasions, with amounts ranging between 800 and 3,950 metres the euro". In addition to the money, to "sell his feature," the Rescuers, according to the Prosecutor’s office of Rome, has pocketed, "tickets for the Grand Theatre (Romeo and Juliet)" and the "promise to publicize the professional activities of the physician and the dentist’s daughter".

The entrepreneur Loris Talone, always according to the indictment, the Saviors has obtained the "one thousand euros", and "blocks petrol coupons to the value of 150 euro to be allocated to another suspect, Claudio Zaccagnini, a close collaborator of the officer". Alessandra Morgillo, instead, has been received, it reads in the dossier of inquiry, the promise ofthe recruitment of the daughter in a service company and a colleague employed in the office as an Accountant, also a necklaces brand name Gucci". The watchful De Luca would have been the Savior Of May, the president of the consortium, to deliver "at least 16 thousand euro in favour of the son-in-law" and "a supply of wine" to promise "the assumption of the daughter."

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