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Consultations, the Quirinale want to close soon. Grows the hypothesis Gentiloni – Rai News

the Second day of consultations. President Mattarella has seen as many as 17 delegations of the political forces. The head of State wants to close in a hurry the crisis, possibly by Saturday, when will also see the Pd. Gentiloni to return to the Palazzo Chigi, this morning he had already met with Renzi: on the way to the hypothesis that sees the premier. League and Brothers of Italy: right to vote


government Crisis, the Hill it accelerates. There are 17 delegations received today by the Head of State, Sergio Mattarella, in the framework of the consultations for the formation of the new executive. We started at 10 am with the mixed group of the Senate, to conclude in the evening with the Northern League.

on Saturday it starts at 11 with Sel. To follow Choice of Civic, Ncd, and in the afternoon, from 16, of Strength, of Italy, even Berlusconi, M5S (without Beppe Grillo), and Pd, free of Renzi.

The feeling is that, even in the face of the difficult situation of the credit related to the emergency, the Mps Mattarella wish to proceed expeditiously by entrusting the task already on Saturday evening, instead of holding a day of reflection, allowing the new government to be ready for the delicate european Council of Thursday, July 15, in Brussels.

the hypothesis Gentiloni, twice today at Palazzo Chigi
the name of the next head of government will remain standing options yesterday, even though Paolo Gentiloni, twice today at Palazzo Chigi by Renzi, appears in advantage of Pier Carlo Padoan, whose confirmation to the Treasury it appears, however, highly probable. The third hypothesis is that of a reincarico to Matteo Renzi, but seems less likely to Mattarella, the tread and that the premier will accept.

Alloy: to vote as soon as possible, otherwise we go down in the piazza
“The people want to vote and don’t like Renzi, president of the Council. You must go to a vote as soon as possible”, says Giancarlo Giorgetti, of the Northern League after the meeting with Mattarella, at the Quirinale. Giorgetti points out: “This is the position that emerges from the referendum”. And he adds: “We have reiterated to the president of the Republic that we will not accept any solution that is not the vote immediately. We are not interested in the governments of the purpose, technical tables, or other pretexts to extend a government Renzi that the people has rejected the referendum. No compromise, no discussion tactic on hypothetical electoral laws. Immediately to the vote otherwise we go down in the square on 17 and 18 December next”.

Brothers of Italy: elections by the end of march
On the same line, Giorgia Meloni: “road map of Fratelli d’italia is to do an election law in a few days, by the end of the year. Then dissolution in January and vote by march,” said the leader of Fdi at the end of the meeting at the Quirinale. “We believe that the only way to comply with since it largely emerged from the referendum is to put Italy in a position to have first can a government chosen by the italians and not the result of the maneuvers of the Palace. We asked Mattarella to help the italians back to the polls as soon as possible. We are not available to support the fourth government in a row which comes without a free election,” he added Melons.

Saturday, the day is crucial
A calendar of meetings for a ritual that is repeated – that the consultations that were a prelude to the custody of a position – with the difference that for the first time the tenant of the Quirinale is named Sergio Mattarella. Saturday the day is crucial, from the afternoon at 16.00 the delegation of Forza Italia, M5s and the democratic Party. The former Knight brings with him the promise made to Mattarella, that his party will be “responsible”. The line of Forza Italia is still the same, except for the twists of the last hour, not to exclude: the Pd has to make a proposal, just that there is Renzi. At 17.00 it will be the turn of the 5 Star Movement, which is candidate to the government of the Country, and who wants to go to a vote immediately with the remake of the Italicum. Then at 18.00 the democratic Party. It is from this meeting that Mattarella is expected a proposal than a line aro und which to find the maximum convergence.

in Addition to Gentiloni, Renzi sees Padoan, Woods and Franceschini
chairman of the Board, he returned to Rome after having spent the day of the Immaculate with the family in Pontassieve. In the headquarters of the Presidency of the Council came to the middle of the morning, Foreign minister Paolo Gentiloni, who is then returned in the evening. At Palazzo Chigi, Matteo Renzi has also met with the minister of Economy, Pier Carlo Padoan, also the minister for Reforms, Maria Elena Woods, and finally the minister of Culture, Dario Franceschini.


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