Friday, December 9, 2016

The second day of the consultations, the Hill climb, the 24 groups – The Messenger

opened at the Quirinal, the second day of the consultations for the formation of the new Government. The first delegation to be received at the Studio by the stained Glass window from the president Mattarella is composed of Francesco Campanella (Is-Sel), Maria Mussini and Maurizio Romani (Mixed-Idv). In this long day the president Mattarella will receive, in addition to this, other 16 delegations of the political forces.

Day of talks at Palazzo Chigi for Matteo Renzi. The chairman of the Board he returned in the morning from his home in Pontassieve, and has seen the Foreign minister, Paolo Gentiloni, the minister of Economy, Pier Carlo Padoan, and the minister of Agriculture, Maurizio Martina. On the table, certainly, the crisis of Governance, while they are in progress at the Quirinal, the consultations of the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella. In his meeting with Padoan, however, likely also imposed the Mps, after Padoan has received the vertices of the Treasury, and was made known the news of the failure on the part of the Ecb the request for an extension to the capital increase of the institute of siena.

Meanwhile, more than the enzi-bis, Pd has other names that are being spent in the totopremier. Starting from the one of Paolo Gentiloni. The minister of Foreign affairs, for a solution to tempò for a more long-lived, is the pole position because it would take a good step with the Nazarene, where Matteo Renzi would move its headquarters to full-time. Well hung is always Pier Carlo Padoan, also in the strength of the different technical issues that the government (whatever it is) must face in the coming months, from the question linked the maneuver to the burning issue of the banks. Both Gentiloni that Padoan also have one ‘standing’ in the international height. Cala, however, in the totopremier the name of Dario Franceschini, perhaps a victim of the internal conflict within the Pd, which in these days has exploded to be particularly virulent. The minister of Culture would continue, however, to have many arrows to his bow, starting from the natural feeling with the Quirinale. Are in part the same arguments that could boast Graziani Delrio, also he is always present in the totopremier but in decline.

Here is the rest of the consultations of the day today – 17:00Rappresentanza of the parliamentary Group Great Autonomy and Liberty (Big South, Popular for Italy, Moderate, Idea, Alternative to Italy, the Euro-Exit, the M. P. L.-Political Movement Libertas) of the Senate of the Republic – 17:30 Representation of the parliamentary Group and Civic Innovators (CI) of the Chamber of Deputies – 18:00 Representation of the parliamentary Group For the Autonomies (SVP-UV-PATT-UPT)-PSI-NEVER, and of the Senate of the Republic – 18:30 Representative of the parliamentary Group of Conservatives and Reformists (CR) of the Senate of the Republic and the exponent of the component Conservatives and Reformists (CR) of the all party parliamentary Group of the Chamber of Deputies – 19:00 Representative of the parliamentary Group of the Lega Nord e Autonomie (LNA) of the Senate of the Republic and of the Chamber of Deputies.


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