Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Maneuver immediately in the classroom, tomorrow the vote. Renzi confirms resignation after the yes and does not ask for the vote now – The Messenger

The premier Matteo Renzi in the direction of the Pd, on Wednesday, to what is learned from sources of the majority, it will indicate a crossroads: either a government of national responsibility with the participation of the political forces in order to meet the deadlines of the country or the elections. The Pd, explain the same sources, is not willing to support a government from only being “brown” by the opposition who ask to vote early and accuse the dems of wanting to remain in the government.

The dimisisoni of Renzi, however, will remain frozen until the ok to maneuver. The premier has accepted the invitation of the president of the Republic and to wait for the green light to the Budget law before to formalize the resignation. The government will ask the trust on the budget law and points to get to the vote in the Classroom by tomorrow evening.

The president of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, meanwhile, warns that are almost inconceivable for early elections without a new electoral law. The consultations for the formation of the new Government will begin – if you come the go-ahead to maneuver – Thursday, maximum Friday. This is the orientation of the Quirinal palace, on the eve of the vote of confidence on the maneuver and the direction of the Pd.

The constitutional Court has fixed, in the meantime, for the hearing of 24 January 2017, the discussion on the exceptions of constitutionality raised on the Italicum.

The leader of Ncd, Angelino Alfano, in the meantime, send a tell Fi that “those who go looking for pretexts to continue the legislature, they will not get it for free”. But the online vote immediately smashes Popular Area: the members of the Udc are there and leave the group.

From the summit of Arcore Forza Italia asks to go to vote, but first need an election law that “ensures the governance and the real correspondence of a parliamentary majority to the popular majority,” says the party of Silvio Berlusconi. Beppe Grillo from his blog asks for clarity in the Pd: “Enough chat and jokes. Be clear in front of the italians. Expect a response after your direction.”

Against the vote immediately involved, then the leader of the Cgil, Susanna Camusso.

Flies Piazza Affari, which jumps to 4% and goes better than the other price lists in Europe, driven by the banks.


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