Friday, December 2, 2016

Rimini, abuse on a child 6 years of age Arrested a friend of the parents – Corriere della Sera


Rimini, sexual violence, child 6 years of age
Arrested a man, was a guest of the parents

In the house, there were also other people. The little girl, found bleeding from her mother, she indicated her assailant who attempted to escape

RIMINI — A man of foreign origin has been arrested by the State police Rimini for alleged sexual assault on a girl of 6 years. To give the alarm was the mother, as well as foreign, which saw the little girl bleeding. Immediate intervention with agents of the Mobile squad, specialized in sexual offenses against children. In the house in addition to her parents, at the time of the alleged abuse, there were also other guests, but it was just the girl to indicate with precision the man that had caused the injury.

ESCAPE ATTEMPT — The incident occurred on Thursday evening. Seeing the accused, the man has tried to escape but was immediately stopped by the police, who picked up and taken to the police station and then in jail. On him, on the one hand, at the time of boarding had still traces of the gesture. The shutdown was ordered by a deputy prosecutor David Ercolani and executed by agents of the Mobile. The girl was then transported to the hospital emergency room for treatment. A particularly delicate, even if it is solved immediately with the crystallization of the scientific evidence on-site, around which the investigators would have wanted to maintain a strict secrecy. (source: Loop).

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