Monday, December 12, 2016

Government Gentiloni, too little – The Republic

WE need a government that is light, efficient and with a practical sense, able to close the cases of the most urgent while the Parliament will work to write the rules to return to vote in a short time.

We need a government capable of dealing with the emergency in banking, and manage the phenomenon of migration and the challenges of foreign policy in a framework that is radically changing after the election of Donald Trump.

We need a president of the Council seriously and are allergic to grandstanding and a former prime minister is able to take a step back and try to rebuild his party and the relationship with the citizens. Everything seemed to be at hand, we have moved in a very short time, and Gentiloni is certainly the figure right. It also managed to withstand the pressures of Verdini and keeping it off has prevented a scrub policy that would have been lethal to its new executive.

Matteo Renzi has made the boxes, he wrote his farewell letter to the government in the middle of the night and promised to dedicate himself only to the Pd. It seemed like a new beginning.

Then came the details, the ones where you usually hide the devil: Maria Elena Woods, the mother of the constitutional reform rejected by the italians, rather than do a proper step back he asked for and received a promotion. To get them to the place you are resurrected two old ministries, one for the faithful Lots, the other for De Vincenti.

Angelino Alfano has moved to the foreign ministry, a step that is incomprehensible in such a delicate phase given that you do not know his expertise in foreign policy. How can we not think such a move dictated by the desire to broaden the curriculum? Or from the need to get away from the hot potato of immigration? But it was not better to remain and claim the job done?

Choices avoidable reinforce suspicions, and swell the indifference and leave an aftertaste of cleverness and immaturity.

To pay for the mistakes of the past only the minister Giannini, the government has never done a minimum of self-criticism on the reform of the school. Too easy and too little.

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