Monday, December 12, 2016

The entrepreneur died of meningitis, is of the same strain of female students of Milan – on The Day

Chiari (Brescia), 12 December 2016,- for concernand in the west bresciano after that Saturday, a colognese is dead because of meningitis fulminant. The bacterium has hit Renato Goffi, 59-year-old, of Cologne. Began to feel ill in the past few days when she accused a very high fever, which he tried to cure with the traditional medicines. Instead of falling, the temperature has risen continuously.

When family members found him semincosciente in his house didn’t think twice and called the ambulance, which took him to the hospital Mellino Mellini of Chiari. The diagnosis was grim.

Despite the efforts of doctors and nurses, the man died less than 48 hours from admission. According to what has been learned, the first hypothesis of the doctors that will be conrmed by the ongoing analysis, it would be a bacterial infection meningococcal type c Would be the same strain of the female students of the University of Milan death on the 26th of July and the other on November 30. If this is true, the situation would be kept under control, given that it is a strain particularly aggressive. The sanitary Company for the protection of the health of Franciacorta has already taken the first precautions.

“The medical and paramedical staff has been immediately subjected to the prophylaxis necessary to avoid a possible contagion,” explains the health department – and already in the days of Saturday and Sunday, several people are presented to our emergency department. It is necessary to reaffirm that the risk it presents for those who have had contacts primary. For example, not risk who has been at the same bar where he went to this gentleman to drink coffee, but who is sitting next to him, and we did chat. If you have doubts, you need to go by the doctor or in any health facility”.

Meanwhile, in Cologne winds of fear. “Renato, we knew it all – tell in a bar – you could often. Those who spoke to us about fear contagion”. Clumsy was a well-respected building contractor, the owner of the company Domus Construction via Caduti sul lavoro. Let the daughters Giulia and Michela, already orphaned of mother Rosanna, who died a little over a year ago. The community of Cologne has turned to members of his family. “I’m upset,” says mayor Carlo Clear – we wanted all good. Citizens must be assured. The advice is, if in doubt, contact the health care facilities”.


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