Friday, December 9, 2016

Case Luck, the mother of the girl does not believe in the sexual violence – the Newspaper

the case of The death of the small Fortuna Loffredo has a background of mystery that is still not resolved, the mother on Sunday Watched during the fourth hearing, he continued to argue that the daughter has never been raped.

The texts of the accusation, in the course of the fourth hearing, they have added anchors always the most blood-curdling history of the abuse about children that no one ever wants to hear. After the revelations in the last hearing of the legal practitioner on the fact that the girl was conscious when he was thrown down by ottavio plan, now is the gynecologist to tell details shocking: “Fortune suffered violence and abuse for at least a year. The signs are visible to the naked eye”.

another crucial evidence is that of Rosa Cappelluccio, psychologist that has followed the three daughters of Marianne Fabozzi (companion Raymond Caputo ed.) in the home community of Afragola, where the girls have been moved as soon as they were formalized into the first charges of abuse for Raymond Caputo. The woman is not able to hold back the tears and tells the girls have confessed to the violence suffered. In the classroom the psychologist has read a passage from the diary of one of the girls who writes “vwould like that everything is solved”, “Caputo is filthy and must pay”.

But while the mother of good Fortune continues to argue that his daughter is not abused, Peter Loffedo, the father of Pearl, he started to urlarle against: “Liar, liar“. The woman, during the “protest” of the husband revealed that, at the birth of Luck, Peter said that the girl was not his daughter. In view of the agitation of the man, the agents have moved away from the classroom.

on Sunday, Looked at him, and then, once again, despite having listened to the legal practitioner and the gynecologist, believes sexual violence on the daughter as well as assumed as a result of the findings of the autopsy and says that she had pain in the back. “I don’t think sexual violence – escalama – the only error that I made was to not appoint an expert witness when we made the autopsy. My daughter spoke. And he never said anything to me, the teachers, the social workers. He only talked about the heartburn before, so we went to the doctor he gave me a ointment without visit“.

“the Caputo,” continued the mother of good Luck – was in front of my house when she died my daughter and as I ran to the elevator, and he told me that my daughter had fallen down. I didn’t stop to talk, I ran away, I just wanted to run down to the palace and find out what happened to my daughter”.

The case of Fortuna Loffredo is becoming more and more complicated. After the revelations of the psychologist and the doctor, the details emerged make to come the creeps. The defendants for the murder of the small remain Raymond Caputo and Marianna Fabozzi. The woman was accused of having covered up the sexual abuse of Caputo on Luck, and on his own daughters. But in this whirlwind of testimonies, denials, examinations and revelations, the mother of the poor victim still supporting that the girl has not suffered the violence.


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