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Maneuver in the Senate, all of the excluded: from precarious Istat to incapienti on the bonus – The Republic

MILAN - When the Budget law was approved in the Chamber, some of the nodes have been returned to the Senate. Now that the referendum has opened the crisis of government, the executive has raised the issue of confidence on the budget for the next year. The need to dismiss the text quickly and then follow up on political developments has thus frozen the text output from Montecitorio. Remain, therefore, open points, starting from the precarious Istat that are in mobilization: they are waiting for the insertion in the role of the 350 workers at the end. “We note that the path of approval of the manoeuvre was th e reinforced”, says their co-ordination, adding that the related provision, with other, it must necessarily be the subject of discussion since the decree of a Thousand Extensions”. A text omnibus on which there remain many doubts: who will do, in the first place. With the precarious workers from Istat, between the amendments submitted to the Budget law and then sent to the Palazzo Madama, there were also interventions on the organic of the Chamber, who remain therefore outstanding.

the Cutting of the slots, the enlargement of the bonus for renovations for the apartment buildings also to the lower incomes, standards pro Rai and the financing of health care in Taranto are other chapters whose writing remains in place.

Among the key measures remained pending in the Chamber, in the first floor, the bonus building. The deputies had tried to overcome the obstacles that often occur in apartment buildings where there are also the owners incapienti, allowing the latter to assign the receivables to the banks, but they had problems of coverage. For its part, the government had made to understand to be ready to re-examine the issue in the Senate, but now at the front did nothing. Pending is still the intention of recognizing a tax reduction also for the work adjustment of the property to the pv or for the remediation of asbestos.

In stand-by mode the distribution of the fund by about three billion for the local authorities: a node that Anci is asking to be entrusted to a decree of the ad hoc law. Among the priorities, indicates the president Antonio Decaro, the stop “cuts the responsibility of the metropolitan Cities and Provinces, and the raising of 75% of the turn over of staff”.

you Will then have to wait for the 30% reduction of the slots in bars and tobacco, otherwise scheduled for 2019, as well as remains at stake, the funding of local tv, and a standard ad-hoc for the Rai, which allows to exclude it from the cuts borne by the public administrations. Nothing to do, finally, also to the chapter Anas: “The dispute – has ensured the company’s president Gianni Vittorio Armani – the State will pay for it. If not, there will be changes to the manoeuvre will be the next government take care of it”.

On the public procurement, waiting to understand how it will be further dialogue between the government and the trade unions, the agreement on the 85 euro increase in the average annual is covered financially for the 2017, but it is hoped to be able to give another year of visibility with the resources by the year 2018. The theme for the banks, if for some specific cases, you will have to resort to a decree “ad hoc”, the background remains the subject of reform of the Popular, frozen in part by the council of State. In the original text of Stability, there were the rules on the contributions to the resolution Fund and on the Dta (deferred tax asset, deferred Tax assets), which had been proposed with the amendment and deemed so unacceptable by the Budget Committee of Parliament. Themes at this point out of the discussion, that the Senate is not there.

the law of fiscal 2017
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